How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow (And Why)?

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 100 days

The growing phase of potatoes is quite long. The potatoes take 80 to 100 days to grow properly (reach the maturity stage). Small-sized potatoes may take up to 70 days to reach the maturity stage. The size of potatoes is a big condition to predict how long do potatoes take to grow. There are many steps for growing potatoes, and all these steps take time.

Growing any vegetables or fruit is not easy, as there are many conditions that affect the time coverage. Choosing good seeds is a vital point for getting some good potatoes. You can grow many potatoes with very few seeds, but the quality of the seeds should be good. Try to use certified potatoes seeds to get yourself some really nutritious potatoes.

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow?

Type Of Potatoes How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow
Small potatoesUp to 70 days
Full-sized potatoesUp to 100 days

The time to reach the maturity stage for potatoes depends on the size of potatoes. The time coverage for small and large potatoes to reach the maturity stage is different. Some of the factors that affect the time required for potatoes to grow is listed below:

Type of soil- You need to make sure the soil is ready to support the growth of potatoes. The temperature of the soil should be quite hot. The cold temperature of the soil will not support the faster growth of potatoes. The addition of organic matter helps in improving the condition of the soil. Well-drained soil is the most suitable soil type for growing potatoes.

Quality of seeds- the quality of potatoes seed should be certified. A certified quality potato seed would promote the growth of potatoes correctly. You will see many other seeds option for potatoes, but certified seeds are the best.
Size of the potatoes- The size of the potatoes is the most pivotal point to be considered before predicting the time required for the growth of potatoes. If the potatoes are smaller in size, then they would grow faster. When the size of potatoes is huge, then it may take 100 days to grow properly.

Why Do Potatoes Take This Long To Grow?

The potatoes seeds take time to grow, as there are many things (steps) involved in the process. Sometimes, the growth of potatoes may go beyond the expected time. There are so many reasons that will delay the growing of potatoes. These are:
In some cases, the seeds of potatoes fail to develop correctly.

The reason is that the potatoes seeds get dehydrated and tend to lose quality. The potatoes seed start getting diseases this prevents the growth of potatoes. Cool soil is another huge cause to slow down the growth of potatoes. The soil’s temperature needs to be hot, or else it will fail to grow good quality potatoes.

The growth of potatoes will be great if all the conditions favor the harvesting process. A little problem in any one condition will raise quality issues in the potatoes. People can’t expect the smaller potatoes to grow in a similar time period as larger potatoes. You have to make sure that potatoes are getting enough light to grow.

The potatoes should get an adequate amount of water to go faster. Fertilization is another important factor that may affect the time coverage for growing potatoes. The fertilization of potatoes is done after 2 weeks of planting. This step is vital and should not be avoided at any cost. Fertilization will increase the energy present in potatoes and will make them grow faster.


The growth of potatoes depends on many factors and conditions. The growing process of potatoes is quite a time taking. You have to be patient while growing any kind of crop or plant. The vegetables are fruits that need extra care and top-quality soil. The process of growing potatoes is done in different steps.

Maintaining and doing all the steps in time is vital. Any minor carelessness will make the process last really long than expected.



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