How Long Does Weed Take to Grow - (And Why)?

How Long Does Weed Take to Grow – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7-12 weeks

Ideally, the growing of weed can take place in either an indoor setup or an outdoor setup.

Weed is inexpensive to plant and harvest. The other name for weed is marijuana. Weed is a type of drug, although it is an illegal drug or rather a substance.

This type of plant should be grown in a set up with moderate temperature that is; the climate should not be extremely hot or extremely cold.

The temperatures should be below 550C. The growing of this plant is legally allowed in only specific states while it’s regarded as illegal to plant weed in others.

How Long Does Weed Take to Grow

How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed?

Below is an illustration of various conditions and the period required to grow weeds:

Method for Growing WeedTime
Auto-flowering strains7-12 weeks
Photoperiod strains6-14 weeks
Indoors growing8 weeks -7 months
Outdoors growing3-5 months

For starters, marijuana or a cannabis sativa plant will begin to flower depending on the direction of light.

When there are shorter days and longer nights, the plant will receive less light.

Also, when there are longer days compared to shorter nights, the plant will receive more light. Hence this will make the weed to flower faster during long days. In this process, the weed will grow in a period of 7-12 weeks.

In addition, when the weed plant is grown in an indoor setup, it will take a period of 8 weeks to 7 months.

In this case, various factors will affect the growth of weed that is how big the plant is, strains plus the setup.

Before growing the weeds, one should be supplied with the seeds in around four weeks to planting. Harvesting then takes place after a minimum of 8 weeks to 7 months.

Lastly, growing of weed can also be done in an outdoor setup. This type of set up also has its own conditions. The temperatures should be below 550C to make the plantation ready for harvest for a period between 3-5 months.

Why Does It Take That Long to Grow Weed?

To begin with, weed takes a much longer time when grown in an indoor setup.

The period it takes is around 2-7 months, which happens to be the longest time before harvest.

It takes so much time more than an outdoor set up because it is not exposed to sunlight which will make the flowering process faster. Thus, an indoor set up takes longer to get light, and the harvest period takes longer.

In an outdoor setup, weed grows best in areas with moderate temperatures. In such an environment, the plant will acquire moderate light for the flowering process.

The period it takes before it gets harvested is between 3-5 months.

Also, an outdoor set up can accommodate a bigger planting space compared to an indoor setup. Therefore, this type of set up happens to be the best planting method for planting weeds.

Lastly, weed grows completely depending on the planting methods, which are feminized strains or auto-flowering. A method like the auto-flowering method takes up to 4-5 months. Afterward, the weed has to undergo a process of curing and drying. This process takes up to 1-2 months; after that, the weed will be ready for use.


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