How Long Do SD Cards Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 years

The memory cards or SD cards would not stay good for more than 10 years. People should try replacing the SD cards every 5 to 10 years to avoid any repercussions. The SD cards would wear out after the warranty is completed. Not all SD cards come with the same lifespan. Some SD cards come with a lifespan of around 5 years.

The brand and company of the SD cards would play a huge role in determining their shelf life. Once the SD cards are damaged, then they would not work properly and it may damage the device internally. In many cases, the SD cards would start to get damaged if they are overused in different devices. These cards might stop working if the chip is spoiled.

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How Long Do SD Cards Last?

SD CardsTime
In years10 years
In months120 months

The lifespan of SD cards would get affected by their age, brand, and warranty. All the SD cards would come with a warranty, which would depend on the manufacturing company. It’s always recommended to invest in premium quality SD cards because it is going to affect your device.

The low-quality SD cards would not stay good for more than 3 to 5 years. If the person uses the SD cards excessively, then it won’t be able to store data properly. If the warranty of the SD card is over, this doesn’t mean the person won’t be able to use it. Everyone can store data in SD cards even if the warranty is over.

Everyone can use SD cards for storing important documents, but not after the warranty is over. As after the warranty, you never know when the SD card can stop working. Sometimes, the data or stored files may get deleted on their own, if the SD card is worn out. The SD cards can break very easily if mishandled in any situation.

The SD card can’t be used for storing extremely large files, as they may come with limited storage. The SD cards are very affordable, and this is the reason why many people use them. People who do not have enough space would go for SD cards, as the cards give more memory or storage.

The best part about SD cards is that they are removable. Everyone can remove the SD card to put it in another device. The shelf life of SD cards would be more if people save files that can be stored within the space provided by the SD card.

Why Do SD Cards Last This Long?

The life span of the SD card depends on manufacturing and maintenance. The SD cards don’t need a lot of maintenance and can stay good with very little power. The non-volatile memory used by SD cards makes it more appropriate for people. If people buy low-quality cards, then it may harm the phone’s working structure.

The performance of the SD card is never stronger than the primary memory. After 5 to 8 years, the performance may start degrading, which may also decrease the performance of the phone. The person won’t be able to find the stored files or applications in the SD cards if they remove the SD cards.

The SD cards should be put inside the phone or should be stored in a safe place. The SD cards come with both cons and pros, which should be learned by the person. Downloading unnecessary apps or files which may cause viruses would also affect the life span of the phone and SD cards.

If somebody notices any storage issues in the device, then the person should try to remove or replace the SD card to save the life of the device.


The lifespan of the SD cards would be around 10 years if the person uses them properly. People can check for all the varieties of SD cards with different storage options. People need to learn about SD cards which would be a good fit for their devices.

The top-quality SD cards may be more expensive than the low-quality SD cards. Therefore, everyone should purchase SD cards that come with good space and a warranty.


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