How Long Do Graphics Cards Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Graphics Cards Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 To 10 Years

Technology has grown a great deal, which has created many changes in the manufacturing techniques and designs of both software and hardware necessities. In the current situation, the world cannot run without the help of technology and the Internet. There are hundreds of hardware parts that are used by both professionals and non-professionals every day, and they have to be maintained properly so that the longevity of the product increases.

Some parts are very essential to a range where the device cannot work without them. On the other hand, some devices are not a must, but people do prefer to have them. One part that is a must in almost all computers and devices with a display, is the graphics card.

Otherwise known as graphics, video or display adapter, or a video card, graphics cards are the expansion cards which when are fitted inside a device, help the device generate the output images or feed to the device of the display, wherein most of the cases is either a computer monitor, screen or a phone display. The word graphic cards pop up immediately when someone searches for a gaming Pc, because, without a graphics card, any gaming PC is utterly useless.

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How Long Do Graphics Cards Last?

The lifespan of graphic cardsTime
The minimum lifespan of graphic cards3 years
The average lifespan of graphic cards5 to 7 years
The maximum lifespan of graphic cards10 years

The development of games is getting more complex every day and to play all the games the gaming world is offering now, it is always better to keep a gaming PC that is updated to date. The graphics cards are probably the most important part of any gaming PC and when the graphics card a person uses doesn’t support the games released recently, there is no value for the entire PC.

When gaming PCs are constantly used to play games, they can wear out the graphics card. Hence, when the PC is used often, the life of the graphics card gets shortened, while using the PC irregularly can increase the life of the cards.

According to successful technicians and manufacturing companies, graphics cards when used and maintained properly can last for about 7 to 10 years without a doubt, but when they are handled harshly, graphics cards only last for about one to three years. Though the maximum lifespan is about 10 years, it is better to change the graphics cards every 5 to 7 years, because that is the average life of any graphics card.

Why Do Graphic Cards Last That Long?

Understanding the factors that determine how long a graphics card lasts can help one maintain the card and extends its life. First, overheating of the PC leads to the heating of the graphics card and when this happens, the graphics card wears out sooner. When a PC is used continuously for hours without break, the PC will start getting hotter and hotter

After some time, the graphics card will start eroding and deteriorating slowly.

When the PC is overheating constantly, the graphics card is slowly damaged to an unsalvageable extent. Another serious issue is overclocking, and this means a person is pushing their GPP to operate beyond its normal capacity. When a person installs a new game, the game will require a certain amount of GPU, RAM, and CPU to run and when the requirements are not met, it can cause the PC to malfunction.


Even when the parameters are unavailable, pushing the PC beyond a certain level can damage the PC as well as the graphics card. Pushing the PC will not give the gamer the amount of graphical clarity they need and after a while, this can destroy the graphics card from within.

When the power supply does not meet the needs of the PC’s power requirement, it can put a lot of wear and tear on the parts on the computer, which includes the graphics cards too. It is always important to use the right power outlet, and the dust should also be cleared from graphics cards since the vents inside the computer. Better maintain it then buy them again and again spending hard earned money.


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