How Long Do You Wear Braces (And Why)?

How Long Do You Wear Braces (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 years

Wearing braces is a vital part of teeth alignment treatment. The person may have to wear the braces for 1 to 3 years. The time period would depend on the person’s teeth issues. Maintaining healthy habits while wearing the braces would make a good impact on a quick recovery.

This would decrease the braces wearing time by increasing the effects of the braces on the teeth. there is no fixed date for how long one has to wear the braces. Crowded teeth can be a problem for which people wear braces. Many people ear braces if the teeth are placed very far from each other.

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How Long Do You Wear Braces?

Brace Wearing How Long Do You Wear Braces
Minimum time1 year
Maximum time3 years

Sometimes, the alignment of the teeth would ask for the removal of the teeth. If someone wants to treat the bite issues, then it would take around 3 years. Bite is the alignment of the top and bottom teeth of the mouth.

People wearing metal braces would have to wear the braces for more time. People that wear traditional metal braces may have very serious issues. There are many types of bite and the treatment would be different for all the types. The type of braces one uses would affect the time someone has to wear braces.

There are many types of braces that everyone can wear such as clear aligners and metal braces. The orthodontic treatments would be different for all people depending on the issues. Braces are just a part of orthodontic treatment, but there are many other treatments involved.

Some of the other tools used in orthodontic treatments are rubber bands, headgear, and palatal expanders. Nobody can make their addition to the orthodontic treatments, but they can follow it without any mistakes. The only way to reduce the brace-wearing time is by following the doctor’s suggestion correctly.

The treatments suggested by the orthodontist should be followed correctly. As it is important for the recovery period. The doctor would always help with any changes or modifications required by the person. The orthodontist would help in modifying the treatment plan according to the person’s life events.

Why Do You Wear Braces For This Long?

The orthodontist treatment may last long as the bones need time to get fixed. Everyone having orthodontic issues should have a patient for the treatment. Once, the person could start observing the teeth alignment is getting corrected. Then the person may not have to wear the braces for a long time.

It’s important to wear braces even if the teeth issues are getting fixed, as a little mistake can undo the treatment progress. There may be some restrictions about the food that’s someone can’t eat. The orthodontist would give a specific diet plan for the patient, and following the diet plan is mandatory.

The orthodontist may ask the patient to avoid eating extremely crunchy and sticky food. As the foods can trouble the braces. Chewing raw vegetables, which are hard may also trouble the patient. All hard-to-chew foods are not recommended during the treatment. It may cause breaking of the braces that would be repercussions.

The lifestyle plays another vital role in decreasing the braces wearing time. The person has to maintain a healthy lifestyle according to the instruction of the orthodontist. The person should visit the clinic for regular check-ups. The patient has to wear the braces until the orthodontist asks the patient to take them off.

If someone is willing to do workouts while wearing braces. Then the person has to ask for a good quality mouthguard from the orthodontist.


The braces would have a big positive impact on correcting the alignment of the person’s teeth. The health benefit of the braces should be seen in giving the jaw a perfect alignment. Some people may have to wear braces for a very short time period. Always try to follow what the orthodontist says, to not increase the braces wearing time.

Everyone should avoid eating too sugary food while wearing braces. Clean the teeth every day with proper brushing or flossing to avoid issues.


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