How Long Would Braces Take (And Why?)

Exact Answer: 1-3 Years

Dental braces are a method used to straighten or move your teeth from their initial location, to improve their look and how they work.
Braces also help us to look after the condition of the teeth and gums. They make sure they are healthy and make eating less uncomfortable as the pressure of biting spread across equally to all the teeth.

Braces work putting pressure on the teeth so that it slowly moves them in the correct direction. Due to the pressure, the bone in the jaw changes to allow the teeth and their roots to move in that direction.

How Long Would Braces Take

How Long Would Braces Take?

The approximate time for braces is within 1 to 3 years but depends on the user’s circumstances. They might need them either for a longer or a shorter period. Some factors can impact how long a person needs to wear braces.

First, the amount of crookedness of the teeth, one of the main reasons why people wear braces is that their teeth are mislocated or stick out, or extra-spaced. They should try this to avoid issues with their cavities, gum disease, and enamel erosion.

Secondly, how a person bites depending on how the top and bottom teeth align is called a bite. A person might need treatment for one of the following is an open bite, deep bite, underbite, crossbite. Treating bites with braces might take longer than just treating misaligned teeth with braces.

Our teeth are connected to the jawbone, so shifting and repositioning them is a type of bone remodeling. It does not matter if a person is wearing metal braces, ceramic, or clear ones, so the purpose of straightening the teeth will remain the same. Braces are an object installed by an orthodontist to reposition the teeth.

Brackets are cemented to teeth with fixed braces, and wires are attached to them to build a gentle pressure to move the teeth. New bone tissue needs to form around the teeth in their new positions so that it holds them in place. Hence, this treatment cannot be rushed. Some teeth can become loose or fall if there is no adequate new tissue to hold them in place.

Types of Braces TreatmentsDuration of Treatment
Shorter Metallic or Clear Braces1-3 Years
Invisalign1 Year
Accelerated OrthodonticsFew months to a year

Why Do Braces Take That Long?

Braces will take that long because they are moving the teeth which are attached to the bone. This process must not be hurried. Bone is a solid tissue, so the pressure should be cast gently and for a long time to move the teeth to their new desired positions with uniform pressure. If the process is being hurried, severe furthermore possibly permanent damage might occur to the bone, teeth, or gums.

Usually, it takes a year for new bone tissue to solidify completely. A person might see very miraculous fast recovering results but still needs to continue wearing braces until the new tissue hardens completely and is strong enough to hold the teeth in their new positions. Once the new bone tissue has solidified around your teeth, the braces are taken off the teeth.


So, it is compulsory to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist to check whether the person is capable of the treatment and is safe for them to undergo this treatment with their respective method or not.


Many factors determine the time that a person must wear braces. That includes age, method of treatment, and issues that need to be addressed. The last factor affects the duration of the treatment, as a person’s issue could be as little as a minor adjustment, or something as major as a jaw realignment.

The time taken by the braces to do the needful but varies from person to person and even time. This can be evaluated by the orthodontist, who will know when to begin the treatment and the necessaries.


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