How Long Does A Mini Facelift Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 to 10 Years

A mini facelift can be described as a more curated version of the full facelift. It is a cosmetic technique used for the treatment of sagging skin and turning it into youth-like skin. They target drooping skin by making tiny incisions around the hairline to raise aloft the lower half of the face.

The mini facelift is done by qualified plastic surgeons. Small incisions or cuts are made along the hairline, neck, and jawline. A mini facelift can cost your pocket anywhere between five thousand dollars to eight thousand dollars and can vary depending upon the location and the service provider.

How Long Does A Mini Facelift Last

How Long Does A Mini Facelift Last?

Type of FaceliftLasts For
Mini Facelift8 to 10 years
Full Facelift13 to 15 years

There are two major types of facelift surgeries that are performed to hold back the sagging skin. These are the mini facelift and the traditional or full facelifts. The effects of both these types of facelifts are nearly the same although the period they last for is different.

At its core, both the traditional facelift and the mini facelift involve several incisions for the removal and firming of sagging facial skin. Although a full facelift is desirable in those conditions when a person has excess unwanted skin on their face. Moreover, if the patient desires more effects with fewer incision cuts on their facial skin, the mini facelift is the way to go for.

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In contrary to its name, a mini facelift is a great cosmetic process. There are many risks if proper caution is not put up with and it is also expensive. Both facelift surgeries might cost a person equally.

This surgery is essentially an anti-aging process that mostly focuses on treating sagging skin. They help to tighten the skin by making them lift upwards through small incisions and by removal of excess skin. This removal of excess skin makes it firmer and leads to the elimination in the presence of wrinkles from the skin.

If a person wants to maximize the results, they should opt for a brow lift in addition to a mini facelift. This gives a complete change to the face. This is because while mini facelift targets skin sagging in the lower part of the face, the brow lift does the same in the upper part of the face.

Why Does A Mini Facelift Last For So Long?

The time for which the mini facelift lasts depends upon a few factors. These involve certain additional surgeries like dermal fillers and eye lifts, side effects, medical history, and the lifestyle of the person. All these factors have to be favorable for the mini facelift to last for long periods.

Additional surgeries opted by the patient like dermal fillers are of crucial significance in determining the life of the mini facelift. When a person opts for these supplementary surgeries, they will experience a longer life of their mini facelift. These surgeries help to strengthen the life of facelifts by supporting the skin.

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Once the surgery is completed, the plastic surgeon may discharge the patient. For a few weeks after the surgery, the patient will experience brushing and swelling. It is important for the person to not excessively exercise in such a situation or it may lead to sweating and scrapes further leading to a shorter life of the mini facelift.

The patient might also experience certain side effects like bleeding from stitches, exorbitant swelling, intense irritation, fever, and colds. The patient should not take any medications without proper consultation from the doctor.


There are two main types of facelifts for treating the sagging skin of the lower part of the face. A mini facelift can last for about 8 to 10 years while a full or traditional facelift has the potential to last for 13 to 15 years. In addition to these, if the mini facelift is accompanied by a brow lift or dermal fillers to increase its life.

In a mini facelift, minor incisions or cuts are made across the hairline and neck to pull up the sagging skin. They are instrumental in delivering a face free from wrinkles and sagging.



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