How Long After Facelift Can I Eat Solids (And Why)?

How Long After Facelift Can I Eat Solids (And Why)?

Exact Time: After 2 to 4 weeks

A facelift is also called a rhytidectomy. A facelift is a surgical procedure that is basically used to give a young face appearance. There are many techniques related to it also it having many exercises too. It is being found that the facelift properly works for those people who are in the age of forties, fifties, sixties, where you can see the aging process more clearly that, is wrinkles are going to appear, lines on the skin, also sag in the skin.

So, it can be corrected through the surgical only. It seems that the surgery is very painful but when reviewed by patients they say they felt only less discomfort. These all process is done in the hospital or any surgery center.

How Long After Facelift Can I Eat Solids

How Long After Facelift Can I Eat Solids?

It is being advised that avoid chewing hard items, also prevents much talking and use of products like tobacco, etc. Only liquids are allowed for few days. And in the first week, you are being advised to eat soft food only. After the surgery, you have to limits the eating habits of yours for few days. If your jaw is painful then you have to avoid foods that cause pain in your jaw side. For few hours it is advised to drink than to eat.

Yogurt is being advised for the first few days. As the uneasiness decreases you are allowed to eat solid foods but not highly solids. Under the guidance of your doctor, you have to take and everything after asking him. The time of recovery is about 2 to 4 weeks. For at least 2 to 4 days you have to take liquid foods or less chewable foods as at this period of time you can have some pain.

But if you feel that you can eat solid foods so you can take soft solid foods which are easy to chew. After the third week to the 6th week, you are allowed to eat as hard as solids properly as it is now the relief period in which you can do the makeup and feel relieved and so can eat properly. When this surgery is done people won’t be able to eat and drink just after the surgery. When your body is healed up to take drinks all doctors will advise you to take a liquid diet for at least 1 to 3 days. Many times doctors will advise you to follow a full diet of fluids and then eat solid foods.

Type of foodTime
Soft foodAfter 2 to 4 days
Solid foodAfter 2 to 4 weeks

Why Does It Take So Long To Eat Solids After Facelift?

Remember, alcohol increases the bleeding after the surgery so it is being advised not to take it as the facelift surgery indirectly harms the person and so increases the chances of failure in the surgery. Therefore it is advised not to drink alcohol. Moreover, liquids are given as the surgery has happened so it needs much time to set and act. The shape you need or the wrinkles that are being reduced so to keep them a time is required to recover the old form and so advised to drink such liquids. As dairy products consist of protein it is the best way to heal after surgery so considering it you can recover soon and so eat the solids foods as you desired off.

Since the leafy vegetables are healthy to eat so you are being advised to eat them as they have a rich source of vitamins that can help in fighting the infection and so help in rejuvenating the healing process. Eating foods which are healthy can help in building your body and even if you feel as or pain then also they can nurture you well.


The solids are easy to chew when you haven’t done any surgeries but when after the facelift if anyone going to eat solids then the whole face will get pain and they can sometimes have unbearable pain too. There is a high chance that the blood can come out from the face. So the doctor’s advice is very much necessary to be in good condition.


If anyone is having loose skin and sags on the face then a facelift is a good surgery option. It reduces the wrinkles which appear after you turned a certain age or can be earlier. But it won’t completely remove the entire wrinkles. The aging will continue it won’t be stopped by a facelift. The only facelift will help to look fresh and young and decrease the wrinkles on your skin surfaces.

Face lifting results are temporary ones. While you are aging the skin of the face will obviously be dropping. So, it is being told a facelift lasts up to 10 years. Facelift fails sometimes too. Many times people come to revise the facelift surgery because of failure in the procedure. Many times a good surgical education is not there so results in the failure of facelifts.


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