How Long Does A PayPal Refund Take (And Why)?

How Long Does A PayPal Refund Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 30 Days

Paypal is renowned for its quick and easy money transfer functioning. You can request or send money to your family and friends abroad just by using your Paypal application. The working structure of Paypal is extremely smooth with many safety provisions to secure your payments. People can always ask for refunds if there is any problem with the transaction or services. Paypal ensures a refund within 30 days. There are some provisions and guidelines to be remembered while using Paypal as a secure payment application. As, refunds in the Paypal account may take a long time in some cases, but you can always avail the option of a resolution center for your queries and problems.

How Long Does A PayPal Refund Take

How Long Does A PayPal Refund Take

Credit cardUp to 30 days
Debit cardUp to 30 days
Paypal balanceWithin 1 Day
Bank accountUp to 5 days
Paypal balance and credit cardUp to 30 days

There no no doubt, as your refund will always get back to the source account (original account) of the owner. Many people get confused about how many days the refund actually takes for a Paypal refund. The money is always refunded in the original account in the form of original currency. In some cases, people will receive currency, not in the original method, but in USD dollars. There are some people that may not have a Paypal balance account, and these folks will see two options further while receiving their refund. These options would be:

Create a Paypal balance account (to keep the money in your balance account).

Withdraw your money to the previous bank account.

Why Does It Take That Long To do A PayPal Refund?

Paypal refunds can take some time, as you have to contact the original seller asking for a refund. There are some pores that you have to follow for getting back your refunds.

Before applying for a refund in your Paypal account, it’s always vital to check the completion of your payment. You should try sending an email to the original seller for the refund process. Ask the original seller to reach (or click) the refund page and to click on the issue a refund. The time limit for issuing a refund for your payment is a maximum of 180 days from the date of completion of payment. You can’t apply or issue a refund if your payment process is not complete or still pending. If your payment is not process (or completed) within 30 days, then anyways, you will get a refund of your payment. The process to find the seller details for requesting the refund of payment are the following:

Go to the summary page in your Paypal application or page, then click on the transaction that you are willing to cancel.
Use the contact information mentioned in your Paypal application for sending the email to the seller.

If the seller denies refunding your payment then you can go to the resolution center and raise an issue regarding the same.

You can check your Paypal refund status by visiting the activity page of your Paypal application. If you are using your computer, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Open your Paypal application, and click on activity (present at the top of your Paypal application page).

Change your date range for exact information (present on the left side of the search bar)

Go to the filters and change it to refunds.

Choose and click on the refunded transaction details to get your refund regarding details.

Currency conversion can bring some fluctuations in the refund amount for Paypal users. People that issue the refund after one day (of the original payment date) may go through exchange fluctuations rates. This means the amount of currency conversion is not always the same and may change from time to time. Therefore, there may be a change in the amount you receive for currency conversion refunds.

Always make a note that the default refund period is 180 days (from the original transaction date). You may receive the refund in portions or the entire amount of the transaction done. For example, if you get a refund for the payment of goods, then there will be no refund fees for the goods and services. The fees you will pay as a seller originally will not be refunded back to you. The money would be deducted from your account (PayPal) for the refund payment.


Refunds from Paypal could vary between 3 to 30 days, as it depends on the mode of payment and the process of payment. You can always reach the customer care agent (Resolution center) for resolving your queries and concerns. For debit and credits cards, the refunding days will be more as compared to other payment methods. Paypal always tries to cancel your transaction to make it safer for your refund process. Paypal provides a good support service for people for receiving wrong or defective products, are also given refunds for the inconvenient service. Paypal is always safe to use and to expect your refunds within a limited time period.


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