How Long Does A Psychotic Episode Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Psychotic Episode Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 month

The psychotic episode can last for around 30 days, or more depending on the condition of the person. People who are going through psychosis would start experiencing some actions or feelings that are not real. People would get perplexed between reality and their experiences.

The person won’t be able to understand what is actually happening in reality. Hallucination is a big repercussion that everyone with psychosis would go through.

People with confused behaviors would have psychosis for a long time. The lasting time of a psychotic episode would depend on how the person behaves with psychosis symptoms.

How Long Does A Psychotic Episode Last

How Long Does A Psychotic Episode Last?

Psychotic EpisodeTime
In months1 month
In days30 days

The lasting time of the psychotic episode would depend on the types and intensity of the symptoms. There are mainly three stages of psychotic episodes that everyone can experience. Prodrome is the first stage of the psychotic episode which can last for a few days.

After stage one is completed, then the person would go through stage two. Acute is stage two of the psychotic episode that can stay for 2 to 3 weeks. Recovery is the last stage of the psychotic episode that would last for 3 to 8 weeks. The recovery may take around 2 to 3 months for some people.

In some cases, the psychosis would go on its own, but some cases may require professional help. The person would not be able to return back to the normal routine before entering the recovery stage of psychosis. People with psychosis would not like gatherings or social events.

The cause of psychosis is a big condition to know the lasting time of symptoms. People who have mental illness may see the psychosis symptoms. Psychosis can happen due to mental illness or drugs. The drug-induced psychosis would not last for more than a few hours or days.

Some people may see the drug-induced psychosis symptoms only when the effects of the drug are there. Once the drug is out of the body, many people would not see the symptoms of drug-induced psychosis. The lasting time of drug-induced psychosis would vary depending on the type of drug taken by the person.

Why Does A Psychotic Episode Last This Long?

The brief psychotic disorder would go on its own. People who are going through psychosis symptoms due to underlying mental health problems may not recover before 1 to 6 months. If someone starts the treatment for psychosis very early, then it may reduce the lasting time.

Everyone should try to get a check-up done to know if they have psychosis or not. Many people don’t understand the psychosis symptom, and this can increase the severity of psychosis. People with psychosis would not be able to take correct decisions or show strong opinions about anything.

Anybody with psychosis would not react emotionally and can behave weirdly most of the time. Anybody with the delusional disorder would not recover before 30 to 60 days. The people with the shared psychotic disorder would happen with two people.

In this type of disorder, one person would be always in delusion, and the other person would have to arrogate it. Psychosis is very common for people who have a head injury. The psychosis symptoms would be very dangerous for the brain health of the person.

Depression is a big psychotic symptom that can happen to many people. If someone observes symptoms such as mood swings, unusual movements, strange behavior, dangerous behavior, and inability to express emotions, then it would be a sign of a psychotic episode.


The psychotic episode would not last for more than 30 days if the person starts the treatment early. If anybody keeps on ignoring the psychosis symptoms, then it would get more dangerous with severe symptoms. People with minor psychosis symptoms would get recovered early after taking certain medications.

Anybody with severe psychosis symptoms may have to get hospitalized for months. Psychotherapy is a good treatment to help people with psychosis. Psychotherapy is a type of counseling that will help the person to understand reality and get back to a normal state.


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