How Long Does Half And Half Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7-10 Days Under Refrigerator

Half and half is the name given to a number of beverages and other foodstuffs. The beverages of half and half are the mixtures of two substances in which include dairy products, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks.



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Half and half is also famous for their dairy products which cannot last for not more than a week or two. Well, if half and half are kept under the refrigerator then it could last for a maximum of ten days, and then it would start to spoil. It is best that you consume a product within a day or two after its purchase. Consume the product still it is in its fresh and pure form.

How Long Does Half And Half Last

How Long Does It Take For Half And Half To Last?

Half and half lasts  for (unopened)7-10 days (refrigerator)
Light cream7-10 days (refrigerator)
Whipping cream1-2 weeks (refrigerator)
Heavy cream2-3 weeks (refrigerator)

When kept unopened inside a refrigerator then half and half could last for about a week or ten days at least. It is yet not known how long half and half last when it is kept under the freezer. Other products like whipped cream, light cream, and heavy cream also have the same expiration date. However, heavy cream could last much longer.

From the above table, we can see that heavy cream lasts much longer than the above three milk/dairy products. It is recommended to consume half and half within a week because once it is kept for long without opening it would start to spoil.

Consuming anything spoilt could seriously have a serious effect on our body. Consumers must know the expiration dates of every product before they purchase anything. Especially the dairy products usually have a few days before it expires and starts to spoil.

People should have the idea even about the pure and rotten smell when it comes to the expiration of products. Many people fail to understand if a product is expired or spoilt or not even if it has a bad smell coming from it. However, ignoring and consuming such kinds of products could lead to serious issues. So, next time check the expiration dates before purchasing any product.

Why Does It Take That Long For Half And Half To Last?

Half and half come with several different kinds of beverages and drinks. It is their dairy products or beverages that only last for not more than 10 days when kept under the refrigerator unopened. Half and half’s heavy cream has got a much longer-lasting effect because it could last for at least 3 weeks.

Every product has got its expiration date and therefore it should be consumed immediately after it is purchased from the store. Even while purchasing some products are not readily made and kept for sale so that is another point to be kept in mind before purchasing anything.

However, when some products are kept under a freezer then it could last for months. Like for example, heavy cream could last for about 3-4 months when it is kept under a freezer. But, it is recommended to consume a product within a day or two.

Consuming unhealthy products could lead to serious health damage and in many cases, people have often been hospitalised. A product to be consumed fresh is the best way to get the best quality out of that particular product whether it is a dairy product or anything else.

Some products need to be sold within a day or two after they are manufactured. For example, loaves of bread manufactured today must be sole within tomorrow because mold starts to show up when they are kept unsold in a store for too long.


In the end, you need to consume what is good for your health because you don’t want to fall sick by consuming an expired product. Dairy products need to be handled with extreme care because they need to be stored properly too.

Alcoholic beverages could last much longer than dairy products because they are not the same and have different properties. For some products, it is difficult to understand whether or not it has expired or not. So, proper knowledge and facts must be known to all the consumers of that product.

It is best that you consume a product within a day or two after its purchase. Consume the product still it is in its fresh and pure form.


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