How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The Blood (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 6 Hours

Modern medicine and technology have gained significance and widespread acceptance as the preferred method of remedying diseases. Nowadays, we know more about the mortal physique, how it works, and its disorders. Now, it is more researched and modified in the form of medicals. 

Doctors are using more computerized technology in complicated surgeries to improve the accuracy of procedures. It is because of a combination of drug treatments, the rate of death due to road accidents, cancers are common down. Many people go to a rehabilitation center to get rid away from alcohol.

Presently, many detectable machines have come to the market. It is too easy to detect the amount of alcohol in the blood. BACtrack is a machine used to detect alcohol levels in the blood.

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The Blood

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The Blood?

Conditions Duration
Alcohol stays in the bloodAbout 6 hours
Alcohol elimination from the blood0.015 per hour

In general, alcohol is not something that someone would prefer to be good for their health. But many people drink alcohol to enjoy and sometimes to relieve stress. Mostly the alcohol stays for six hours in the blood. 

It also depends on some conditions. When alcohol is consumed, it goes normally like food through the digestive system. If the stomach contains food the absorption of alcohol slows down. 

As the stomach contains the food, that’s why the alcohol does not get direct contact with the lining of the stomach. The process slows down, and alcohol stays in the blood for a little long time.

Alcohol is removed from the body through the liver. Thus,  it is recommended not to drink excessively. Excessive drink of alcohol damages the liver.  If a person consumes more quantity of alcohol, then at a point in time, the liver stops working and the process slows down drastically.

Alcohol stays for a long time in women as compared to men. Women have more fat and less water in their bodies. But men have more water in their bodies. That’s why men can saturate alcohol faster. The hormone also plays a vital role in this.

Why Does Alcohol Stay In The Blood For That Long?

When we consume alcohol some part directly flushes to the blood vessels and mix with the blood. After the consumption of alcohol, it passes through the stomach and intestine. From the capillaries, it finally reaches the lever, from where it goes out. 

After the alcohol dissolution in blood, it affects the body organs such as the brain and heart. Alcohol never mixes with fat and bones, thus not affecting them. After the breakdown of alcohol in the liver, it leaves out through urine and skin. 

When alcohol is taken in a small amount a person feels relaxed. But when taken in large quantities, it makes a person anxious. Attention, some people become more friendly and talkative while some become angrier. People are unable to judge carefully. They are unable to control and become imbalanced.

The type of alcohol also affects time. More the stronger the alcohol is, the more time it takes to get rid of the blood. After the complete absorption, a person can feel the complete effect. Excessive consumption increases the risk of disease in the heart, liver, and brain. 

Sometimes it may lead to a heart attack. It also damages the nervous system. As all those processes take place in our body. It takes nearly six hours to get rid of the blob but, the time may vary depending upon those conditions.


The medical sector is providing miracles every day and appearing with advanced improvement each moment. With the advancement in modern science, medication has become newer, and more significant methods of remedy and therapy are available that will help humans to live longer, healthier, and more comfortable.

People are misusing alcohol and ravaging their life by wasting money. All alcohol is not good for health. Although, alcohol consumption is not good for health. Still, people are drinking to enjoy themselves. In Western countries like America, China, and other cold country people are commonly drinking wine, champagne to keep their bodies warm.

They contain only ten to twenty percent alcohol and are not more harmful to health. People should be concern about their health and use of alcohol. Civilization should pay attention to those people who are ruining their life and getting addicted to the consumption of alcohol.



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