How Long Would Alcohol Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 72 hours

The human body is comprised of many organs, tissues, and cells and all of the organs, tissues, and cells are equally important for a human to survive, but some of the organs are too important for a human body as without them or in absence of those organs, the survival of a human being is impossible.

Those organs are known to be the life-supporting organs, the liver, kidney, lungs, and heart of a human body are those organs, and the absence or damage of any of these organs will be deadly for an individual. These organs are very essential for one to live and a human needs to do whatever he/she can to protect their organs.

How Long Would Alcohol Stay In Your System

How Long Would Alcohol Stay In Your System?

ObjectiveTotal Time
In body72 hours
On the surface of the body i.e hair90 days

Consumption of anything which can damage all or any of the imperative organs of one’s body should not be done at any cost for survival. Humans do a lot of things for their fun, enjoyment and to live a life full of happiness and satisfaction, whatever makes them happy they do that, doesn’t matter whether it will be going to boost up their body functions or damage any organs of their body.

Talking about the consumption of those products which can harm one’s body then there are a lot of things available to us in the market which can destroy our body, organs, and health to no extent.

Alcohol ruins one’s body to no boundaries and ends up being deadliest, taking one’s life. Alcohol is a type of which contains ethanol and is produced by fermenting various grains, fruits along with many other sources of sugar acting drink is a drink that contains ethanol, a type of alcohol produced by fermentation of grains, fruits, or other sources of sugar that acts like a drug.

Drinking alcohol on any particular occasion is a kind of culture in various religions.

The consumption of alcohol is one of the dangerous things for a human being. Alcohol damages the lungs, kidneys and even works like a termite to the entire physical strength, health of a person. Doctors always suggest everyone stay away from alcohol as it is very addictive and consuming it regularly can kill a person very soon.

Why Would Alcohol Stay In Your System For So Long?

Alcohol is one of the most harmful yet addictive drinks for a human, it destroys one’s health and organs. Alcohol affects the human body in endless ways such as it affects a person by dehydrating one’s body and makes all the blood vessels present in one’s body and brain explain a lot, which gives one’s immense headache which becomes unbearable sometimes.

After this, it affects one’s stomach by giving one a sense of nausea and vomiting after consuming the alcohol which overall affects the digestive system of the person very badly.

Alcohol stays up very long in an individual’s body and can be detected easily within, even after 2-3 days of consuming the alcohol. There are different times of staying of alcohol on one’s body which depends upon different parts of the body such as blood, hair, stomach, saliva, breath, etc.

The alcohol in the body can be detected up to 6 hours of consumption in the alcohol detection test, whereas the alcohol traces can be measured up to 12-24 hours in a breath of person, in the urine of person the alcohol can be traced up to 12-24 hours.

The traces can be there in urine up to 72 hours if detected by advanced detecting methods, in saliva, the traces of alcohol can be up to 24 hours and in hair, the traces can be easily detected up to 90 days. Alcohol possesses a very short life span in the human body.


Consumption of alcohol is very harmful to the human body, it eradicates the entire functioning system of one’s body. Regular intake of alcohol can lead to severe dangers and deadliest such as cancer, tumor, and many more. Alcohol is too addictive to leave if a person has tried it many times and the taking of alcohol regularly damages a lot of organs without which survival of humanity is impossible.

There are different times for the traces of alcohol into one’s system as per the condition amount and organ and can be detected easily during that period.


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