How Long Does An Avocado Take To Grow (And Why)?

How Long Does An Avocado Take To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 9 Months

Fancily known as Alligator Pears or Butter Fruit, avocados are all but the joys of summers. The bright green fruit is everyone’s favorite and is in great demand in its produce season. It can be best described as a multi-purpose fruit with several uses. You can have anything made from Avocados from salads to smoothies and wraps to brownies. Name it and you shall have it.

It is certainly a great fun activity to grow an avocado tree in your backyard. Growing an avocado tree from its seed or pit takes a longer time to grow, mature, and bear fruits. Avocado trees planted by way of seeds or pits take 10-15 years to mature and bear fruits. On the other hand, if you plant an avocado tree instead of a seed, you can savor the avocados in only a few years.

How Long Does An Avocado Take To Grow

How Long Does An Avocado Take To Grow?

Avocado SpeciesTime Taken
Guatemalan Avocado15-18 months
West Indian Avocado8-9 months
Mexican Avocado8-9 months

There are three most prominent varieties of Avocado available in the market. These are the Guatemalan avocados, the West Indian avocados, and the Mexican ones. All these species differ from each other slightly in terms of taste, conditions required to grow, and time required to grow.

Guatemalan avocados are widely regarded as the fruits with the longest maturity time. Its maturity period spans two years. If they bloom this April, be assured, they are not going to come off anytime before October of next year. It takes about 16 months on average for the avocado to progress from its flowering season to the harvesting period.

West Indian avocados are the most common species of fruit. This is mostly since the short maturity period of this fruit makes it in good supply. Generally, the West Indian avocados require somewhat between 8 to 9 months. These species of avocados weigh near 5 pounds and lack fruit oil content. Their blooming season starts between February or March and the fruit harvests between May and September.

Mexican avocados take roughly the same time as West Indian species. The Mexican avocados weigh no more than 1 pound, which is quite less as compared to the West Indian avocados. Out of the three varieties, these avocados harvest the first. The blooming season starts between January and February and the fruits are ready to be harvested between June and Crocodile.

Why Does It Take That Long To Grow Avocadoes?

Growing avocadoes depends on several factors, out of which the climatic conditions of the region are of paramount importance. Growth of the avocadoes is a natural process and it requires all the time.

The time taken by the avocado tree between the blooming of its flowers and the harvesting season is the time required for the growth of the avocado into a full-grown fruit. There are several climatic factors and conditions which can either slow down or speed up the process. Some important factors are water, proper sunshine, fertilizers among others.

The avocado tree has to be supplied with fertilizer at least 5 times a year for a duration of three years. Similarly, water is also very essential for good produce, although not in an abundant amount. Abundant water runs the risk of damaging the roots. Heavy wind and inadequate sunshine do not support the growth of avocados.


Avocadoes are a delicious feast with great flavor and nutrition. The two most common varieties of fruit are West Indian and Mexican avocadoes. These varieties of avocadoes take about 9 months from their blooming season to harvesting season. On the contrary, the third variety of avocadoes, the Guatemalan, requires a span of about two years to ripen. It needs the longest maturity time but is worth the wait.

Avocados are also rich in calories and nutrients. It is also laden with the goodness of several nutrients like potassium, folate, vitamin C, E, and B6. Avocadoes are also rich in several mineral oils and help to lower cholesterol. These nutrients help fight arthritis, depression, osteoporosis, and many other diseases.

Thus, avocadoes are a great fruit and it would be a great idea to include them in our meals.


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