How Long Does Bread Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Bread Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 to 6 Days

Bread is a common food that is consumed throughout the world. The average life of bread ranges between 5 to 6 days. It can be more or less depending on the temperature at which the bread is stored and the type of bread.

The time for which a bread stays good can be increased if the bread is stored in lower temperatures. Refrigerating bread can increase its life significantly. But, sometimes refrigerated bread goes stale.

When it comes to store-bought bread, its life is comparatively less when compared with homemade bread. The life of the-store bought bread is mentioned on the packet of the bread along with other nutritional information.

Whether it is white bread, brown bread, or whole wheat bread, any type of store-bought bread has a lower life as compared to that of homemade bread. The most common sign of bread going bad is the development of mold on it.

The storage of the bread influences the life of the bread. The bread which is not stored properly or at proper temperatures has a chance of going bad faster. The bread must always be stored in a cool dry place.

The expiration date must always be checked on store-bought bread to consume before it gets spoilt. The bread which has gone past its expiration date may show signs like a bad smell, hard texture, sour taste, and the development of mold.

Once a packet of bread is opened, it becomes crucial to store it properly. Using a bread box is recommended when it comes to storing bread properly. The bread should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

How Long Does Bread Last

How Long Does Bread Last?

Bread is consumed extensively throughout the world. Generally made from wheat or other grains, bread is a popular food. The life of bread is for a very short time, it lasts for between 5 to 6 days before it becomes bad.

Bread develops mold when it goes bad, it is important to not consume such bread because it is unsafe. It is crucial to store the bread appropriately and maintain its freshness for a longer time.

The time after which bread goes bad can be affected by numerous aspects. The ingredients used in making the bread, the type of bread and most importantly the storage of the bread altogether determine the life of bread.

The bread has a higher possibility of going bad when stored in direct sunlight or warm temperatures. The bread must be kept as away as possible from moisture or water to prevent it from going bad faster.

For store-bought bread, it is vital to always check the best before or expiration date on the packaging of the bread to buy the bread accordingly. If the bread displays any signs of going bad it should not be consumed.

Unpleasant smell, sour taste, development of mold, and hard texture are some of the common signs of bread going bad. If any of the signs are developed, the bread should not be consumed.


Type Of BreadApproximate Time For Staying Good
Bakery Bread2 to 3 Days
Packaged Bread5 to 6 Days
Bread Crumbs5 to 6 Months

Why Does Bread Last That Long?

Generally, store-bought bread contains preservatives that increase the bread’s life. The best before date must always be checked on store-bought bread to ensure its safe consumption. Any signs of bread going bad must not be ignored.

Bread is one of the most popular dishes in the world. The reason for this is its versatility. Bread can be consumed with a large number of dishes and is readily available everywhere.

The bread must be stored properly to increase its shelf life. The bread must not be packed too tightly to block the air supply. If the bread is packed too tightly, it can lead to the development of moisture and result in the bread going bad.

The climate also plays an important role in determining the life of the bread. Bread lasts for a longer time in a dry and cool climate as compared to a moist and hot climate. The bread must be kept away from heat to avoid it from going bad faster.


To increase the shelf life of bread, the most important aspect is the appropriate storage of the bread. Properly stored bread lasts for more time as compared to bread which is stored inappropriately.

Any signs of bread going bad must never be ignored.


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