How Long Does Chinese Food Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Chinese Food Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 to 4 Days

A concern, that many people might have when they can not decide what to do with the leftovers from Chinese takeout meals. A person will store the leftovers from the takeout in the refrigerator. Because there is no time to whine about as anyone would be exhausted to cook and clean up after a busy day. However, for the next few days, those boxes of Chinese takeout looking back at the person each time they open the refrigerator.

Then during hunger pangs and unexpected craving for Chinese food, which they have in your fridge, it is questionable when it was bought or delivered. Another question arises whether to throw away the food or reheat them for eating.


How Long Does Chinese Food Last?

Some Popular Chinese Takeout Food ItemsDuration It Lasts In The Fridge
Chop Suey3 to 4 days
Cooked Dumplings3 to 5 Days
Fried Rice4 to 5 Days

Chinese food can last for three to four days, similar to any other leftovers. One should note that the food stored in the refrigerator does not spoil immediately after five days. It slowly becomes risky to consume because of the pathogenic manifestation. One can freeze the dishes only if one decides to use them within five days.
Only knowing when one should discard the leftover Chinese food is not enough.

Learning about storing Chinese leftovers correctly also allows the consumer to be safe and enjoy it again. Foods such as tuna salad or Kung Pao chicken must make it to the refrigerator within two hours of the initial serving. That will reduce the risk of getting foodborne pathogens into the consumer’s body. One should never leave their leftovers open on the kitchen counter. Must place it in the refrigerator as soon as someone has finished eating.

Cold temperatures will help delay the reproduction of bacteria. If someone has large amounts of Chinese food, they can store them in small airtight containers, which will help the leftovers to cool down quickly. However, refrigerating all Chinese takeout leftovers in just one container will result in bacterial growth in a larger group because of uneven cooling in the refrigerator.

Why Does Chinese Food Last That Long?

The only way to retain Chinese food longer is with the help of the freezer. Also, note that the food will begin to depreciate as long as it stays in the freezer. The leftovers will be safe in the freezer for an indeterminate period. But make sure to consume within three months. When stored and handled the food correctly, it is safe to eat, and it will last longer while retaining its good quality.

One should freeze the leftover foods within two hours after cooking, as it halts the growth of bacteria. Freeze after it reaches room temperature to prevent it from forming droplets inside the container and having freezer burn.

Foodborne illness occurs when someone ingests food infected with harmful bacteria. They grow the most in temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So one should keep their food out of that danger zone as much as possible. Most refrigerators maintain a temperature of around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, where any
bacteria growing in the food will delay. The faster the food is stored, the longer the food will remain safe to eat.

The freezer is even better. The temperature of the freezers is so low that it will stop the growth of germs and bacteria completely. It does not kill but pauses them. That means one should pay close attention to how long the Chinese food remained in the refrigerator before putting it in the freezer. If someone waits for two days to freeze their basic Tso’s Chicken, it will be edible for only two more days in the refrigerator when thawed out.


In conclusion, Chinese food will only last for 4 to 5 days if kept in a refrigerator. What one should keep in mind is, first, never to leave any Chinese food outside on the kitchen counter for more than two hours at room temperature. Second, discard or deep freeze the food that has stayed in the refrigerator for at least four days. Lastly, it is correct that food will be safe for long periods in a deep freezer. But the quality and taste of the food might get compromised after a specific time.

Therefore, if someone wants to elevate the flavor and taste, they should use the frozen foods within a duration of four to six months.


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