How Long Does It Take For Food To Digest (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For Food To Digest (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 to 8 hours

A person’s survival mostly depends on three things, which are air, water, and food. Without the three of these, no one can survive for a longer duration and that’s why these are counted to be the most important basic needs for a human being’s survival on the Earth. Food is very necessary for the metabolism of any living organism. 

In search of food, a living organism can push any limit and surpass all odds and that’s how the cycle of survival rotates. The concept is commonly known as a “Food Chain”. Upon digestion of food particles, many essential things happen inside the body, and in the upcoming sections, there will be a detailed explanation. 

How Long Does It Take For Food To Digest

How Long Does It Take For Food To Digest?

Time is taken for digestion 6 to 8 hours
Whole digestion process 36 hours

The taste for food items varies from place to place and person to person. Different people have different choices and so goes the chain. People may have different choices but ultimately the process of digestion is the same no matter what item a person prefers to eat and what he/she denies. 

The process of digestion is a long one and every stoppage has its importance, contributing to the final result. Everybody must have read in the science book that the primary purpose of digestion is to break down food particles to get nutrients out of them and spread them throughout the body.

The human body can not take advantage of the nutrients unless and until the food grains are broken down into even fine particles which can be further absorbed by the human system. 

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The initial process of digestion starts in the buccal cavity. From there on, the food particles go through different stages of breakdown and mix with blood. Many digestive juices work as catalysts and boost up the process and also ensure the perfect metabolic activity.

After the food passes through a person’s stomach and small intestine, the final phase of digestion begins in the large intestine. Further, the simplified particles are excreted out from the human system, marking the end of the whole digestion process. 

Why Does It Take That Long For Food To Digest?

It is already evident that the complete process of digestion is not a cakewalk and requires a lot of time. Even half of the process includes several chemical reactions and procedures. That is why it is no big deal that the entire process comes to an end after 36 hours of taking a meal. 

The duration of digestion also depends significantly on the amount of food taken. Precise the diet schedule, better the digestion and healthier the outcomes. This is why healthcare officers always push people to have a healthy diet schedule and decent eating ways. 

The digested food spreads throughout the body, nurturing it by providing nutrients like vitamins, protein, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, fats, and many more which are very essential for our body and enrich our health. Good digestion is also responsible for blood purification and keeps the antibodies strong and active to fight against unwelcomed diseases and foreign germs.


When a single process includes so many processes and gives such an amount of profit to the body, time is sure to be taken and patience is a must in this case.

Being hasty will only prove fatal for the person and whoever takes the diet carelessly, will have to face the consequences. Breaking down complex particles takes time. If the food is simplified perfectly, then only the human body can cherish the complete nutrient content of the food. 


Food is an integral part of human life and no one can dare deny the fact. Even the lifespan of a person depends on what kind of food he/she eats in his/her day-to-day life. Digestion is the following process that occurs inside the human body and is responsible for almost all metabolic activities.

A person whose digestion goes well remains energetic for the entire day and can work twice his/her limits. Better digestion also ensures a stable temperament and controls hypertension. Four times a day is a healthy diet plan and everyone should follow that to ensure great health and mood for life long.


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