How Long Does Dulcolax Take To Work (And Why)?

How Long Does Dulcolax Take To Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 72 hours

Dulcolax is a good laxative to help in bowel movement. The person may have a bowel movement in one hour after having Dulcolax. In some cases, the person may get the bowel movement in 24 to 72 hours. It varies from person to person. These are for helping the constipation issues, and they can do this by stimulation the movement of the bowel.

The bowel preparation with Dulcolax can bring some symptoms such as stomach cramps before the bowel movement. This is very normal as it’s a sign of bowel preparation just like you feel in diarrhea.

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How Long Does Dulcolax Take To Work?

Dulcolax How Long Does Dulcolax Take To Work
Dulcolax tablets12 to 72 hours
Dulcolax suppository15 to 60 minutes

Dulcolax is also used in many surgeries to empty the bowel present inside the body. The Dulcolax suppositories can cause bowel movement in 15 to 60 minutes, whereas normal tablets can take around 72 hours. The person before having Dulcolax should check with the doctor about any allergic conditions or health problems.

The doctor can tell the suitability of Dulcolax for everybody depending on the health problems that person has. People allergic to bisacodyl should not try Dulcolax. People with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and stomach cramp should not take Dulcolax. The person with the below-mentioned health problems should talk to the doctor before taking Dulcolax.

People with hemorrhoids (or anal fissures) should not take Dulcolax without a doctor’s recommendation.

People who experience a change in bowel movement that may last for weeks.

People with eating disorders should have Dulcolax after talking to an expert.

People that face difficulties in chewing the tablets of Dulcolax.

People with a history of tear of intestines (perforation).

Rectal Dulcolax is not at all safe for older people if not advised by the professional. If it’s clear that Dulcolax would harm the baby of a pregnant woman or breastfeeding woman, then avoid taking it. Children below 2 years should not take the Dulcolax dosage without an expert or doctor’s advice. Always check the label of the medication and stick to what it instructs.

The person should have the correct dosage of Dulcolax. The dosage would always be between 5 to 15 mg of Duclolax for both bowel preparation and constipation.

Why Does Duclolax Take This Long To Work?

The laxatives would help the water absorption into the bowel. This would help in easily passing of the stool as they become softer and smoother. The active ingredients of laxatives take some time to do all the jobs inside the body. It depends on what form of laxative someone is taking.

The person taking suppositories can see the results in just one hour while Duclolax tablets would take more time, around 72 hours. Suppositories are always more effective as compared to tablets of Dulcolax. The only problem with Duclolax suppositories is they may have some side effects.

In the case of Dulcolax tablets, the chance of side effects is extremely less as compared to suppositories.

The suppositories are supposed to be taken in the rectum and not in the mouth. The tablets should be taken with a full glass of water. The Dulcolax may have the following consequences and side effects:
Rectal bleeding after taking the suppositories.

There is no bowel movement even after taking the dosage.

The light-headed feeling.

Discomfort and stomach cramp.

Rectal burning sensation.

No person should take Dulcolax more or less than the required amount of dosage. This can increase the chances of side effects and may cause health disorders. If constipation continues after taking the Dulcolax even after 7 days, then the person needs the help of the doctor.


The storage of Dulcolax should be kept away from heat. It should keep in a dry and cool place. This medicine is used before surgeries, such as x-rays, and colonoscopy. Get the body a complete check-up before having Dulcolax. The doctor would tell about the dosage required for everyone. Some people may need 10 mg, while others may require 15 mg.



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