How Long Does Gas Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Gas Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 months

It’s not easy to say the exact number of days for how long does gas last. There are many conditions that affect the days the gas could last. Sometimes, the gas will start oxidizing if not used for a long time. The gas may lose combustibility. The standard will degrade if the gas stayed unused for more than 6 months. You can store the gas properly to save it for a longer time.

Once the gas becomes bad, it would change its color as a sign. There are many ways to store and use gasoline for a better result. You can prevent the gasoline from getting worse by adopting some storage precautions.

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How Long Does Gas Last?

Types of gasoline Shelf life
Regular gasolineUp to 6 months
Midgrade gasolineUp to 6 months
Premium gaasolineUp to 6 months

There is no specific mention in the gas station for the expiry date of the gasoline. Gasoline will last according to the way you use it. You can’t let gasoline sit without any use for a long time. If you let it sit for a longer time, then it will start losing its properties.
Gasoline is supposed to be used without long intervals. The fuels you put in your vehicles are made to run regularly.

The main mechanism of any fuel is to run your vehicles. The more you will run the vehicle it will be great for the gasoline. Once you start not using your vehicle regularly, then it may bring derogatory marks for the fuel. Another huge factor for determining how long does gas lasts is the way you store it.

You have to store the gasoline in a special container made to store gasoline. There are both plastic and metal gas cans (containers) that you can use for storing gasoline. You can check if the gasoline is losing its properties or getting worse. Normally, the color of gasoline is transparent. In some cases, the gasoline may appear to be a little (slightly) yellowish in color.

Once the degradation properties start in gasoline, it will develop a darker hue with brown tinting. The gas would become hazy and contaminated. This is the sign that the gas is no longer safe to use. Using bad gas could affect the quality of your vehicle. For example, using bad gasoline would affect how your vehicle runs.

Why does Gas Last This Long?

The gas could last more than the expected time if you use it in a proper manner. Similarly, the gas would last less than the expected time, if you misuse the gasoline. There are some things to be considered for determining how and why does gas lasts this long. These are:

  1. The way you store the gasoline.
  2. Choose the gasoline for the suitable vehicles.
  3. Good quality gasoline is the best choice.
  4. Run the vehicle regularly.
  5. Don’t let your vehicle sit for a long interval.

If you do take care of everything to keep your gasoline safe, then it may stay more than the expected time. Some people use old gasoline, but it should not be used. It’s always recommended to use new and fresh stuff. Using old has could bring repercussions for your vehicles. Mixing new gasoline with old gas is not a wise choice, as old gasoline could be dangerous for your engine.

If people continue using the bad gas continuously without replacing it, then your vehicle’s engine will be highly affected. The engine of your vehicle will get disturbed by the use or addition of gasoline. The shelf life of gasoline could go beyond 6 months if the quality is premium and properly used. Therefore, you can’t predict a particular date for the expiry of the gasoline.


The shelf life of gasoline will be between three to six months, as there are many conditions for using the gasoline. The gasoline could be stored safely by using a suitable container. You have to dispose of the gasoline if the properties of the gasoline are lost. Some people keep on using the old gasoline for a long time.

This should not be done, as it would not work properly for your vehicles. Fresh and new gasoline are the smart choice for saving the gas and the vehicle.



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