How Long To Date Before Marriage (And Why)?

How Long To Date Before Marriage (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Years

Culturally, marriage is an auspicious religious event but, over the years in the modern time that is, now, it is more of self-reliance and self-satisfactional part of everyone’s life. The two people who consider each other as their beloveds have moved on to more of a platonic relationship than just a typical life, which is getting married after meeting a few times, getting engaged, marriage ceremony and gradually bearing children and making a family.


How Long To Date Before Marriage?

Stage of RelationshipPercentage
Dating Before Marriage46.75%
Direct Marriages53.25%

Considering an average, the time for which a person dates is 2 to 5 years. But there are numerous situations where couples date for more than five years and even ten or twelve. Sometimes this has been comprehended as a delay in tying the knot but, that is not true. Couples in living relationships prepare themselves to create their lives together.

Two individuals living together while paving their way towards tying the knot who live together like a married couple sometimes referred to as married but not with papers, only ties the knot when they get pregnant and have a child. 2/3rd of married couples lived with their other half before tying the knot saying their cohabitation was a step toward marriage.

Also, people claim that couples who live together before marriage have a greater possibility of having a successful married life than those who do not. In other words, cohabitation is acceptable, even if the couple does not plan to get married. Some also have lived with their partner since age 18 to 48, unmarried. Experts say it is a personal choice of both individuals when asked if they should stay together before getting married legally.

Some scenarios are like having a long-distance relationship where the couple wants to settle together in marriage. They should consider looking for an opportunity to stay together for some time to understand each other and know how they are around each other every day. It is to check on their arguments/fights regardless of how big or small. The time spent on repairing themselves from it and making up to each other in the end. All of this is important to understand here.

Why Do People Date For That Long Before Marriage?

Good communication is a necessity in relationships. Poor communication equals more negative consequences. It ends up in unnecessary quarrels or uncomfortable tension. Expectations but mismanagement can lead to many negative feelings which, will slowly create distance. Dating will help the individuals to get through it.

Committing to each other opening up about oneself on a date helps build strong relationships which, solidify as time passes. When either of the partners is having a difficult time, it will help them pull themselves up, having each other back. An emotional bond is crucial in relationships.

That sudden spark and novelty of typical date nights add up to the intimacy. Something romantic in love, an aspect of every relationship that can make one feel like they are newly dating each other all the way again. Intimacy is crucial and, many refer to it as feeling butterflies.

Planning something unique that will create permanent memories with their spouses will help them fall in love with each other all over again, repeatedly. Dating can be a stress reliever as well as fun. A partner staying beside one another is not just about bad times but the good ones too.


Dating has improved marriages. Studies have shown improvements for wedded individuals frequently dating for several reasons like communication, commitment, happiness, parenthood, stability, and community unification. Many pieces of evidence show that couples who have already tied the knot, devoting some time together once a week, have lower chances to undergo divorce. It also helps increase the essence of their intimacy.

Different individuals will have different opinions on everything that exists under the sun to be compatible. But, it is crucial to have at least some related views on what each holds dear to their heart. Besides, one should likewise take some time to consider the expectations of their married life.


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