How Long Can Rice Sit Out (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Hours

In a world where each living on the planet is being health-conscious, it is necessary for them to consume fresh and healthy foods too. Rice contains a huge amount of carbohydrates which is a required nutrient for the human body.

Therefore, it is also important to consume rice when it is in its best position. Cooked rice can get spoilt if it is not handled properly. A person could suffer from food poisoning if he/she consumes spoilt rice which is not at all good for your health. Next time when you cook rice you have to keep certain points in mind to keep the rice fresh and eatable.

How Long Can Rice Sit Out

How Long Can Rice Sit Out?

Cooked Rice2 Hours
Should be stored within two hoursRefrigerator
Bacteria could start to growWhen not handled properly and not kept under the refrigerator after two hours.

Rice can start to smell after it is not handled properly. Therefore, if you are cooking rice and want to use it for a longer time then make sure you know some of the basic details about storing it. Keep it under the refrigerator so that things do not go out of hand.

Once the cooked rice gets spoilt then you will notice that it has got a strange smell to it. The smell will be a bit funky type and a bit sour which is a sign that bacteria is starting to grow on it. However, there are other indicators too that will give you an idea that the rice has been sat out.

Whenever you notice the above changes in your food then you must immediately throw it rather than keeping it in the refrigerator. The bacteria has already started to grow and there is no use consuming it again later on.

Your health can be affected if you start consuming stale foods because they are not in their pure form. Eating foods in their pure form is the best choice for your health. Try to consume foods within the time after it has been cooked because it is always better to consume it pure and fresh than stale.

Why Does It Take That Long For Rice To Sit Out?

The uncooked rice or the raw rice contains spores of bacillus cereus and those are the spores that survive cooking. However, on the other hand, when cooked rice starts to cool down slowly then it is during that time the spores grow and it produces a toxin that could make you fall sick.

Therefore, it is recommended if you want to store cooked rice for a while for later use then you must keep it in a refrigerator. The bad smell coming from the left out rice will indicate to you that the rice has been sitting out already and there is no use to store it in the refrigerator.

If you still want to have rice then cook again because you do not want to fall sick. Food poisoning is a serious health issue. Try to consume foods fresh and pure and above all, it should be homemade food. The food that you consume outside like junk foods have got no quality in them.

Many people fail to understand how rice has been sitting out already and consumes them. However, they should never do that. It is, therefore, the best choice to consume rice soon after it is cooked. once there is a bad smell coming from the rice then you must immediately throw it out because you do not want to consume it.


In the end, it is your health that matters the most. Try to eat healthy and fresh foods because that will keep your body healthy and fit. Do not go for junk food because those foods might give you satisfaction for a while but it would be dangerous in the long run.

Keep the habit of eating fresh and warm foods and not stale food which has been stored for a week in the refrigerator of your house. You do not know how much bacteria and other germs will be present in that stale food that might destroy your immune system.

However, if you face any difficulties then you must immediately consult with a doctor as soon as possible.


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