How Long Does IDGod Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Weeks

Whether you’re a minor who wants a taste of the nightlife or a detective carrying out an undercover mission, you might need a Fake ID for your unapproachable adventures.

Though forgeries are risky and could cost you heavy penalties, it is not that hard to buy yourself a fake identification card and get away with it.

Most underage people in the United States trust ID God for the dirty work. Often referred to as the God of the fake IDs by American students, it scans faultlessly at bars and grocery stores, making a known brand for itself among underage kids.

How Long Does IDGod Take

How Long Does IDGod Take?

ID God provides students with fake IDs of superior quality accessible through their website. You can apply for the fakes within a few short minutes by filling a simple order form.

Besides student identity cards, ID God also makes fake driver’s licenses, employee IDs, invitation cards, among others. The IDs are available for every state around the US.

The amount of time required to deliver ID God fake IDs largely depends on the production process. They take 2 to 3 weeks to ship once they are completed.


In some cases, it may take less than 10 days to ship the products. Customers looking for faster delivery options need to purchase their exclusive priority service to get the work done within 3 to 7 days after manufacture.

The delivery period also depends on the method of payment. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, the order may be delivered within 1 to 2 business days of being placed.

ID God also offers an express shipping option which only takes 1-2 days to deliver the order. Express shipping is more confidential and requires a small extra fee for speedy delivery.

Type of ShippingDelivery Period
Regular Shipping2 to 3 weeks
Fast ShippingLess than 10 days
Exclusive Priority Shipping3-7 days
Express Shipping1-2 days

Why Does IDGod Take This Long?

The art of making duplicate identification is a sensitive business and requires sophisticated equipment and professionally skilled staff. With an uncanny composition of the template and photo, the duplicate cards made by ID God look identical to the original ones.

Embedded with barcodes, holograms, magnetic strips, and other necessary security elements, these IDs positively pass all back-light and scan tests at bars and liquor stores. The production process may take a while as the work is tricky.

With several features, including micro printing, laser image perforation, and latent image, and other elements, manufacturing these IDs is a long process.


After the manufacturing process is complete, the products are sent out for delivery. Depending on the size of the order, the products are wrapped in secure transportation packages.

To ensure security, they are not wrapped in regular envelopes or boxes but are specially designed for anonymity purposes. They are disguised as jewellery or phone boxes, with fake details provided on the package to avoid suspicion.

Besides the production process, the time required to ship the IDs also depends on payment methods. ID God prioritizes cryptocurrency payments, which get the job done faster.

Other methods of payment take longer to receive transfers, which delays confirmation and approval of the order.

Often customers provide the website with invalid information, which takes additional time to correct the inaccuracies or take pictures. Orders made with the express delivery option, however, are always delivered on time.


ID God is a dependable option for students. Providing safe and anonymous methods of payment, they come at a relatively affordable price.

Undetectable, these fake IDs look uncannily like the real ones and easily trick scan tests at bars. The wait for delivery of the orders might be longer than you’d expect, but the products are always worth the wait.

The high quality of the cards and the detailed security features prove value for your money.

ID God is a top-ranking website positively reviewed by students around the US who’ve been relying on the website to enjoy the freedom of adulthood for years.



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