How Long Does It Take For A Package To Clear Customs in New York (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 7 working days

Customs refers to the authority or agency of a country responsible for collecting tariffs and controlling the inflow of goods in and out of the country. Every country has its customs and customs duty.

Customs examine all the packages and goods coming in and moving out of the country to determine if it is legal or not. They also determine the taxes to be levied on goods for imports and exports.

The rates of customs duties in some countries are specific. On the other hand, in some countries, the customs duties are dependent on the value of the goods.

Custom duties are very important in maintaining a country’s economic stability. They help in empowering a country’s economic strength and even help in protecting the domestic industry from the invasion of foreign products.

How Long Does It Take For A Package To Clear Customs in New York

How Long Does It Take For A Package To Clear Customs in New York?

Choice of BrokerTime Taken
Postal1-4 days
ISC NY5-7 days
DHLfew hours

Every nation levies customs duties on the products flowing in and out of its borders. Customs duties are mainly of five types: BCD, Special CVD, PD, CVD and Customs Duties.

While transporting items from one country to another, a package must go through customs after which it can be released for final delivery. Once a package is bound to an international destination, it is first checked by a customs officer to check whether the package stands up to meet the country’s guidelines. This process also determines the taxes to be levied as customs duties.

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The process of shipping and clearing customs requires perfect coordination of all the various persons involved. First of all, the shipper or the exporter prepares the documents required for clearing customs. This includes commercial invoices and international shipping labels.

Secondly, one has to select his / her broker who would take care of the shipment during the transit. Then, the broker has to guide the package through the clearance cells. The broker also must guide the package to the final destination.

Generally, the time taken for clearing customs depends on the choice of the broker. In the case of Postal, it takes about 1-4 working days to clear customs and get released for the destination.

In the case of ISC NY, it takes about 5 to 7 working days for the same procedure. On the other hand, in the case of DHL, the whole process gets completed within few hours.

Why Does It Take So Long To Clear Customs In New York?

Overall, it takes 7 working days to clear customs, receipts, and reach the destination. However, sometimes, packages may not be able to clear the customs as they may fail to meet the requirements.

The customs are stringent in all the countries to ensure safety and security. Hence, it is even necessary for the package to get through the eligibility criteria.

The paperwork and documents should be accurately filled. One should not try to send prohibited items as packages as they are most likely not to clear the customs.

The shipping time may also be prolonged if the address doesn’t go by international shipping address formats. The choice of the delivery company must also be made consciously to avoid unnecessary delays.

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The delivery company’s opening hours and holidays also take into account to ensure the fast delivery of package. One must take care of every minute detail to ensure that the package reaches the destination without getting seized and getting the successful approval of customs.


Clearing customs is very essential for a package to reach its foreign destination. Hence, it is essential to check the documentation and ensure that the package is eligible for clearing customs.

Sometimes, the package may get stuck due to some problems like delivery problems or some other reasons. But, usually, every package can clear the customs unless it proves out to be dangerous for the safety and security of the nation.

One of the most important tasks which the sender should ensure is the proper payment of customs duties. Every package, with proper documents, payment, and address gets approved and reaches its final destination within 7 business days.



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