How Long Does It Take for A Turtle Egg to Hatch in Minecraft (And Why?)

How Long Does It Take for A Turtle Egg to Hatch in Minecraft (And Why?)

Exact Answer: About 4 – 5 nights

The world of gaming has advanced so much that every day there is something new to capture attention. Gaming has always been a passion between people and lately with the advancement of digital media, it has become way more than a hobby. The scope of gaming is immense and unmeasured.

One such game is Minecraft. This simple looking game lets the players build their three-dimensional world with blocks that consist of various earth and building materials. It has always been a popular favourite among the players since its release in 2009.

How Long Does It Take for A Turtle Egg to Hatch in Minecraft

How Long Does It Take for A Turtle Egg to Hatch in Minecraft?

Turtle egg is a block that was introduced into the game Minecraft in 2011. It hatches into one or more baby turtles. Turtle eggs are formed when two turtles are bred in seagrass and one of them travels to its home beach and lays eggs in the sand.

Players can obtain these turtle eggs from the inventory using the silk touch enchantment and then wait for them to hatch by taking the appropriate actions. If a block containing multiple eggs hatches then all the eggs in it hatch simultaneously.

The hatching of these turtles depends on various factors but the things that most affect their hatching and determine their hatching time are:


If the egg is pushed by a piston or a gravity affected block or the player falls into its place then the egg can break. The chances of the egg breaking are not always definite but it can happen. The egg can also get trampled by living entities. If this happens it resets the growth stage of the egg and it starts all over again and takes longer than 7 nights to hatch.

Not Breaking

If the egg does not break or get trampled in that case it follows its normal rate of growth and hatches within 4 to 5 nights. This depends on the player, their presence, etc. but in any case, the egg hatched within 7 nights.

Hatching stageTime
BreakingMore than seven days as the growth stage resets
Not breakingWithin 4 – 5 days

Why Does It Take That Long for the Egg to Hatch?

When turtles are bred in seagrass, one of them travels back to its home beach and lays eggs on a sand block there. It lays 4 eggs in one block. These eggs normally take 4 to 5 nights to hatch. This is because they go through several stages of growth before hatching.

They go through different stages of growth, about three of them, each bringing them closer to hatching. Each stage causes them to crack a little and after about three cracks they hatch. The eggs can be placed on any block but they hatch only on the sand or red sand blocks.

There are several methods and little hacks the players can implement to speed up the hatching process like enhancing the environment and providing more seagrass but when allowed to hatch on their own the eggs take 4 to 5 nights to hatch.

These turtle eggs have a very low chance of cracking during random ticks during the day time that is 1 in 500 to be precise. But there is a very high chance of the eggs cracking during a 48-second window between 21600 and 22550 ticks in the game.

The egg hatches when three cracks are completed. The player needs to be in a 128-block radius of the egg for it to hatch. Thus according to these criteria, it takes the egg about 4 to 5 days to hatch.


Minecraft has spread its roots immensely gaining its place in many aspects of gaming and popular culture. The game constantly outdoes itself by introducing new features and effects. The turtle eggs are one such thing on the list. They can be collected by the players and hatched to make more baby turtles. It takes about 4 to 5 nights for the turtles to hatch on the sand or red sand block if the player is careful enough so that the eggs do not break or get trampled. There are also several hacks the players can follow to speed up the process.



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