How Long Will it Take to Beat Vampyr (And Why)?

How Long Will it Take to Beat Vampyr (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15-50 hours

Ideated and created by Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr is a role-playing action video game, released in 2018. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 that ravaged the city of London serves as the backdrop for the game. The main character of the game -Jonathan Reid- is a doctor-turned-vampire. Throughout the game, he has to choose between his newfound thirst for blood and the coveted Hippocratic Oath of a doctor.

The narrative of the game takes the player through several combative scenarios. These fight sequences are also interspersed with well-crafted dialogues between the characters. The game has secured accolades from gamers across the world for its impressive storylines and character work.

How Long Will it Take to Beat Vampyr

How Long Does it Take to Beat Vampyr

Like most other role-playing action games, Vampyr holds up to the reputation of being a long stride for most gamers. The time taken to beat Vampyr will depend on a number of factors including the speed of the gamer, the gaming style as well as the storylines pursued by the individual.

The gaming technique of each player has an indelible bearing on the time taken to beat the game. In the case of a ‘credits roll’ player, the time taken to beat Vampyr will be roughly around 15-18 hours. The goal of completing the game from start to finish can be attained within merely 20 hours. High-paced runners can beat Vampyr in only 15 hours by sticking to the core storyline of the game.

However, the ‘completionist’ gamer will take considerably longer to beat Vampyr. Completionists engage in all that a game has to offer. This increases the overall time taken to finish the game. A completionist player will be able to beat Vampyr within roughly 50 hours. This gaming style accords for the longest time taken to beat Vampyr.

There exists a median to this gaming spectrum as well. An ‘intermediary gamer’ -one who has a passion to explore the offerings of the game, but does not possess the zealous attitude of a ‘completionist’- will be able to best Vampyr in a much shorter time frame extending to 25-30 hours. However, it is equally significant to remember that the individual pace of completing a game is hinged on several other factors like concentration, uninterrupted sessions, etc.

In Summary:

Gaming StyleTime Taken to Beat Vampyr
Credits Roll Style15-18 hours
Intermediary Style25-30 hours
Completionist StyleUpto 50 hours

Why Does it Take This Long to Beat Vampyr?

The different gaming styles refer to the gaming personalities of individual players. Some gamers enjoy exploring all the potentialities of the game in question, while others revel in simply completing the necessary steps to finish the game. This invariably produces a time difference between the various categories of players.

The ‘credits roll’ player will be able to beat Vampyr in merely 18 hours because he sticks to the central narrative of the game. The pursuit of this player is guided by the need to perform only those tasks that will keep the districts of London from collapsing in the game. This player refrains from wandering on any of the side quests offered by the game.

An ‘intermediary gamer’ will stick to the core storyline but also perform some of the side missions. Those side tasks that appeal to the player will be completed while those that do not invigorate his interest will remain neglected. This median mentality accords the player a more or less balanced time frame of about 25-30 hours.

Lastly, a ‘completionist’ gamer is committed to exploring all the side tracks of the game. In Vampyr, he will engage in healing the sick populace of the districts, hunting all the collectibles that the quest has to offer, and partake in all combative fights stimulated by the game. Discovering all aspects and hues of the game will take a long time. Pursuing side quests also causes deviation from the core storyline. Thus, the time taken by a ‘completionist’ to best Vampyr will be at least 50 hours.


As a role-playing action game, Vampyr provides players with a unique moral dilemma of conflicting interests. The central storyline of the game has received appreciation from both players and critics globally for its ingenious narrative freshness. In the combative world of Vampyr, killing the denizens of London is not a prerequisite to progress through the game.

The central storyline is substantiated with other side narratives. Players can pursue these side tracks to explore the game further. However, doing so will add a considerable number of hours to the time taken to beat Vampyr. If you are playing the game for the core narrative, you can simply expend a marginal number of hours to beat Vampyr.



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24 thoughts on “How Long Will it Take to Beat Vampyr (And Why)?”

    1. I can see why the length might not suit everyone. It’s definitely a commitment to play through the entire game.

  1. I found the length to be a bit excessive. It took away from the overall experience and made it feel drawn out.

  2. Avatar of Robinson Theresa
    Robinson Theresa

    The longer playtime allowed me to fully immerse myself in the game. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  3. Avatar of Knight Brandon
    Knight Brandon

    I could see how the extended playtime might deter some players, but I found it to be a rewarding experience.

    1. It’s definitely not a game for those looking for quick completion. But for those who enjoy diving deep, it’s perfect.

    2. I think the length added depth to the game’s world and characters. It felt like a fully realized experience.

  4. The length of the game adds to its appeal. I appreciate the different gaming styles and the varied experiences each one offers.

    1. Yes, the completionist style really allows for a deep dive into the game. It’s great to have that option.

  5. Avatar of Jonathan Clarke
    Jonathan Clarke

    I absolutely loved playing Vampyr! The storylines and characters are so well-crafted. It’s definitely worth investing the time to explore the game fully.

    1. I completely agree! The game’s narrative is so engaging and the moral dilemmas add an extra layer to the gameplay.

  6. The game’s length might not suit everyone, but for those who enjoy in-depth storytelling and gameplay, it’s a gem.

  7. I appreciated the variety of gaming styles catered to in Vampyr. It made the game accessible to different preferences.

    1. I think the game’s length is justified by the rich content it offers. It’s a worthwhile investment of time.

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