How Long Does It Take For Concrete To Cure (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For Concrete To Cure (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 to 48 hours

On average, it takes 28 days to cure the concrete for use. However, the time might vary depending upon other additional factors. Over time, the concrete gets stronger and stronger. It never stops curing itself and attaining the best strength stage—the concrete gains three-quarters of the power after the seven days.

To reach the final stage of force, it should get hard and harder with time. The quality and quantity of cement also play an essential role in the curing procedure of the concrete. To attain the best balance of water and cement, it is advisable to consult a professional for the best services.

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How Long Does It Take For Concrete To Cure?

It is necessary to cure the concrete because it is very delicate and easily destroyed when freshly placed. If it is adequately fixed, then it will gain an excellent maximum amount of strength. The concrete needs a month to cure entirely, but it will be ready within hours for use.

The evaporation rate of moisture from the concrete is the best stage to start the curing procedure of the concrete. Solar radiations, climatic conditions, temperature, humidity etc. these factors influence the evaporation rate. There are three different stages when concrete curing can occur: initial curing, Intermediate curing, and final curing of the concrete.

However, the additional factors include the quality of the concrete and climatic conditions. Curing helps in many purposes, such as retaining moisture in the surface, reducing the shrinkage, strengthening the durability. Concrete requires the development of the crystals which is available in the matrix of the concrete.

The growth of crystals takes place with the reaction of water and cement. This process of developing crystals is known as hydration. Hydration demands enough amount of water to produce crystals.

The hydration process falls if the temperature is below 50F. It also stops if the temperature goes below 40 F. It takes a month for concrete to cure correctly and gain its full strength. Here is the period one should keep in mind while hoping for the concrete to heal quickly.

Curing Procedure Time duration
Initial set and walkable surface24 to 48 hours
Partial Curing7 days
Completely Cured28 days

Why Does It Take So Long For Concrete To Cure?

Several factors affect the curing process. Moisture is the critical factor on which the settling of concrete depends. It is essential to minutiae a good balance of concrete and water while mixing it.

The reaction of concrete with the water molecules takes place in curing the concrete. When the hydration takes place, the concrete gets dry. For crack-free and robust concrete, it is essential to maintain the presence of moisture.

Too dry and hot climatic conditions can crack the concrete. To avoid such a situation, protect the concrete by building a shelter over it. Good weather can cure the concrete too fast and vice-versa. On the other hand, you are talking about cold temperatures.

The temperature should not go down in the initial 48 hours. Like too hot conditions, as well as freezing temperature can also disturb the curing process of concrete. Thus temperature plays a vital role in the curing process of concrete settlement.

If you want to cure the concrete properly, take trained services from the concrete suppliers. Concrete is one of the essential construction materials. It is necessary to make the best out of it to build a strong building.


Well, there are several factors on which the concrete curing depends. The primary purpose of the curing is to prevent it from shrinkage, control the temperature and longevity of the concrete. The Indian Standard recommends that a minimum of seven days be needed to settle down the concrete.

Over time, the concrete develops its hardening properties and prevents out dryness and cracks. Please don’t disturb the freshly poured concrete as it destroys the whole surface. Curing is most essential, and it diminishes all the problems.


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