How Long Should A Jump Rope Be (And Why)?

How Long Should A Jump Rope Be (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Relative To Your Height

Jump rope helps in burning out so many calories at a time. It is one of the easy exercises to remain fit without a heavy workout. It is one of the best forms of cardiorespiratory exercise. Jump ropes are compact which makes them the best option for traveling.

While skipping jump rope, it is important to know the correct length of the rope to jump. There is no particular length for jump rope. It varies from person to person due to height differences. The length of the jump rope is directly dependent upon the height of the person who is jumping.

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How Long Should A Jump Rope Be?

Jumping ropes helps in stimulating the muscles calf and diminishes lower leg injuries. There are so many other reasons which justify that jumping rope helps in keeping fit. It helps in improving coordination, cognitive function, and upgrading the intensity of your circuit training sessions.

Thus, investing in a jump rope is a beneficial deal for you. The perfect length of the jump rope can measure with the help of the rope itself. There are several length charts available all over the internet as per your height.

If you are having adjustable jump ropes then you can adjust the length. If you have an unadjustable rope then you cannot fix the length of the rope. After fixing the height of the jump rope, try it once to see whether it is comfortable or not.

Exercising with the wrong length of the jump rope will affect your working performance. Here is the list of different heights of people along with their perfect size of jump rope. This table will provide you an idea regarding the sizing of the ropes.

Height Of The Person (Feet, Inch/ Cm)Cable Length (Feet, Inch/ Cm)
5’3” (160 cm)8’1” (246 cm)
5’5” (165 cm)8’4″ (254 cm)
5’7” (170 cm)8’7″ (261 cm)
5’9” (175 cm)8’9″ (266 cm)

Why Should A Jump Rope Be So Long?

A jumping rope is one of the significant parts of the workout training sessions. Investing in a good jump rope will provide you with good outcomes. The jump rope of the right length will help you in doing exercise smoothly.

The handle of the jump rope should provide a smooth grip. It will provide you fir grip and help in moving the cable easily without any knots. The two types of jump rope are available in the market.

One required manual size setting according to your height. The other one can be adjusted by cutting the extra cable. Most of the wire jump ropes are flexible. If the length of your wire rope is too long then adjust it by yourself.

Take the rope and keep your foot on the core of the wire rope. Now pull the rope tightly so that there should not be any snarl in between. Now note the height of your rope equal to the armpit and cut down the additional length from both sides.

That is how you will get the perfect length of jump rope as per your height. Thin jump rope provides fast speed whereas thick jump rope will last longer but provides less speed. Different type of jump rope material is available.

Every material has its pros and cons. Thus, no matter whether you are investing a small or big amount but invest wisely in your jump rope.


Skipping rope is fun. Everybody from a child to an adult likes it. The skipping rope becomes more notable when the rope is moving smoothly and free from tangles. It happens when the rope length is not the height of the skipper. Fix the size of the length and enjoy doing skipping.

Measure the perfect length by stepping on the center of the rope to your armpit. When you do exercise with the right length jump rope, you will effectively witness outcomes. Get to know your perfect size jump rope length just by performing a simple task.


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