How Long Does It Take For Grass To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To Eight Weeks

Everyone enjoys going to the park for a picnic. Sitting on that lush grass and enjoy snacks and watch the sunset. Yes, that’s the magic of nature. It can make you feel so good and fresh in just minutes. And, that is the main reason why people go to naturally scenic places for vacations.

More than not, it is the land of grass that will make your soul melt. To achieve this soulfulness, people make sure that there is grass in their backyard. Grass does not need much tending and expense to maintain. But, it enhances the beauty of a backyard ten folds.

How Long Does It Take For Grass To Grow

How Long Does It Take For Grass To Grow?

The easiest way to make your garden or backyard look beautiful and complete is to grow lush green grass. It is a fact, no matter how many trees you plant, without grass, something seems to be missing. Be it a small backyard or an enormous garden – the grass is a significant factor.

And the fact that growing grass is very simple, people most will go for it. You only need to sow the seeds, water them daily, and in about ten days, you will start seeing green patches. But for full-fledged growth, it needs about eight weeks maximum. After eight weeks, you will have good grass growth in your backyard. That means that there won’t be any patches over the ground.

After the grass is fully grown, mow it, and voila, you have perfect ground. You can easily use this ground for playing, cycling, or maybe even a weekend barbeque. Yes, all this is possible with some patience, nurturing, and a little gardening skill. Growing grass is a one-time investment. After you mow it once, you will see the need to do it again weeks later.

It does not need any other looking after. It is a simple and effective way of beautifying your backyard. Yes, you also have the option of getting artificial grass for your lawn. But nothing beats the feel of natural grass. 

Growth TypeDuration
Grass PatchesTen to Fifteen Days
Full Lush GrasslandMaximum Eight Weeks

Why Does It Take So Long For Grass To Grow?

Growth is an aspect that takes time. Every living thing has its growth cycle. That is how long it will take for something to grow is different for each living thing. The same rule applies, whether it is humans or animals, or plants.

Even if your plant, for example, every plant will grow differently. Also, it will take a different timeline to grow. The same is with grass. The reason behind the duration of the growth has a lot of reasons behind it. Some of them are as follows:

  • The apt season – Season remains a primary reason to determines whether the grass you plant will grow properly. And in abundance or not. The best time to start planting seeds is during the onset of summer. Planting grass in the summer is sometimes tiring, but it ensures that you will have good growth. If the season is not proper, the grass will take longer to grow. Growing grass is very difficult during winters or autumn.
  • Type of Soil – After the weather, the next important thing is the soil. More importantly, the moisture in it. For the seeds to germinate properly, a proper amount of moisture must be there. Moisture is the deal-breaker. You have to make sure the soil is neither too wet nor too dry. Because in both cases, seed germination will not happen properly. If the moisture content is not proper, it will take more time to grow.
  • Species – Some grass species have it in their core nature to grow faster, and likewise, other species may take more time to grow.


If all the necessary measures are in place while growing grass, then you can be amazed at how beautiful your lawn will look. And yes, the hard work will pay off. You can try buying a premium quality seed mix to see better results.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the soil moist evenly. The best practice would be to put sprinklers set for each morning to moisten that soil properly.


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