How Long Do Perms Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Perms Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-6 Months

The word Perm has been derived from the word Permanent. Perm is a chemical treatment that is performed on the hair to create a wavy form. Treating the hair with a chemical process the hair is made curly, bumpy, and more convoluted. It gives a new texture and shape to the hair.

The chemical treatment of perm lasts for some months but not forever. It lasts for the period of two months to six months. There are several ways and techniques to get different sorts of perms. Hair type and texture play an important role in the longing life span of the perms.


How Long Do Perms Last?

To make perms last long, don’t forget to trim your hair frequently every 3 months. Trimming of hair will support the growth of curls in your hair. There are so many dos and don’t of perms through which you can make your perms last long. Taking regular hair wash can break down your perms.

Hair wash reduces oil from the scalp and hair. Well, perming is a chemical-treated procedure for your hair. Chemicals can dull and weaken your hair. Thus, it is essential to keep them moist and nourished. Pick deep conditioning once or twice a week for the proper nourishment your perms deserve after a long chemical treatment.

During the processing of perm, your hair may lose proteins. To help your perms to stay longer, give your hair protein treatments. Combine your protein treatments with egg, yogurt, coconut milk, and avocado will nurture your hair and perms. The perm procedure itself involves so much use of chemicals.

It will be better to stay your hair away from the harsh chemicals after the perm treatment. Use a perm-friendly hairbrush to comb your hair. Wide-toothed and soft paddle brush will be the best option for it. Take some necessary precautions while sleeping too.

Use a silk scarf or smooth pillow cover to wrap your hair. It will help in keeping hair free from tangles and frizz-free. Proper and good maintenance of perms will help them stay longer with you. There are different types of perms. Body wave perm, Smoothing perm, Beach wave perm, Non- damaging perm, Spiral perm, Digital perm, etc. Here is the lasting duration of different perms.

Types of PermsTime Period
Voluminous Perms6-7 Weeks
Straight Perms6 Months
Spiral Perms6 Months
Digital Perms1 Year

Why Do Perms Last So Long?

Firstly, the hair is cleaned with shampoo to ensure that it does not have any traces of oil or any other residue. After that, the hair is segmented into separate zones. After the sectioning of the hair, the heating rod is used to curl them. Meanwhile, perm liquid is applied to your hair.

It is also applied to your curling rod. Now take small and circular motions to make the application work effectively. It will help in reaching the perm liquid to reach the bottom of the rods. The hair will be rinsed. Take the rods out before it gets dried. The neutralizing agent will be applied to the perms to maintain the pH value of the hair.

Wait for at least three-four days to wash your hair. If you are going to the professional hair styling studio or salon for perms then you will have last longing perms. They have all the proper resources and types of equipment to play with your hair professionally. At home, you don’t have proper resources and also the right technique to make the perms natural and long-lasting.


Perming can be done in two ways- Digital and Ceramic. In the Digital one, the curls are created with the help of heating rods and acidic solutions to change the texture of hair. While in the ceramic one, alkaline solutions are used to create curls. The ceramic method created curls look tighter and a bit unnatural.

On the other hand, the digital one looks more unnatural and sophisticated. The hair gets damaged in both cases due to the involvement of chemical solutions. That is why Neutralizer is used to balance the pH value of the hair. It makes the whole procedure of perming damage-free.


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