How Long Does it Take for Primer to Dry – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 1 hour

Before you have thought of printing your primer, you should plan adequately and more appropriately to avoid damaging it.

Drying time for primer varies from one primer to another; therefore, it is essential to note the various models of a primer such as; latex, enamel as well as oil-based.

How Long Does it Take for Primer to Dry

How long does it take a primer to dry?

Primer ConditionTime to Dry
Interior (Summer)30 minutes to 1 hour 
Interior (Winter)1 to 3 hours 
Interior (Spring)About 1 hour 
Interior (Autumn)1 to 2 hours 
Exterior (Summer)30 minutes to 1 hour 
Exterior (Winter)1 to 3 hours 
Exterior (Spring)Around 1 hour
Exterior (Autumn)1 to 2 hours 

Most primers take 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry; however, if you want to paint the wall, you have to wait till it dries completely. Thus, you need to wait for approximately three hours just to confirm it is fully dried.

The duration taken for the primer to dry depends on several factors such as:

Is interior or exterior

The location where you carry out your activity determines how long it will take your primer to dry.

Additionally, seasons also matter it a rainy, dry, or cold season? It is advisable that your painting is done from an exterior view.

This is because it will be much exposed to several elements that will either decrease or increase drying time based on weather elements.


How long your primer dries depends on how well your room is ventilated.

Ventilation is a vital aspect of ensuring it dries faster.

In case you are painting your primer from an exterior location, then this is to your advantage as you would not have many struggles compared to when you do from an interior place.

Interior, you will be forced to use fans as well as open windows to get enough air circulation to accomplish the entire process of drying your primer.

This will drastically reduce the span of drying.

The brand

A brand determines how long it will take for your primer to dry. Often, water-based primers tend to take a shorter time compared to oil-based primers.

However, it is essential to note that some brands dry very slowly compared to others because they contain the right amount of oil in them.

You must choose a brand that would best suit your demands and needs.

Why it takes that long for Primer to dry?


The appropriate temperature ideal for your primer to dry ranges around 77 Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.

Note that low temperature will delay the drying time of your primer.

Furthermore, it is recommended you turn on the heat in the room you are painting from when it is cold; this will fasten the drying process.

This also explains why it might take a long or short duration for your primer to last.

Level of humidity

High humidity might prolong the drying duration of your primer; hence, low humidity location dries much faster.

Significantly, you have your dehumidifier in store for purposes of reducing humidity and increasing ventilation.


Now that you are fully informed on vital determinant factors that determine how long it would take your primer to last and why.

You can as well go ahead and work on yours and make sure it is completed on time based on the factors listed above.


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