How Long After Kilz Primer Can I Paint (And Why)?

How Long After Kilz Primer Can I Paint (And Why)?

Exact Answer:30-40 Minutes

Kilz is a heavy-responsibility primer that is used to cowl and seal pre-existing trouble regions. It works to entice and seal odors, block stains, or even fill in porous surfaces. Through doing so, it leaves a clean base for fresh paint to move on easily and appearance its high-quality.  It is a quick-drying primer and sealer. It works by way of minimizing the effects of floor variations, along with texture, and it blocks and seals odors and stains. 

As soon as kilz primer is used, an easy end may be your base earlier than including a topcoat of paint. Kilz primer sets your tasks as much as have the cleanest, smoothest end viable. There are six fundamental advantages of priming with kilz, together with blocking stains, sealing porous surfaces, selling adhesion, blocking off and sealing out odors, hiding previous hues, and imparting a mold-resistant finish.

How Long After Kilz Primer Can I Paint

How Long After Kilz Primer Can I Paint?

Time to Wait before Paint30 Minutes12-24 Hours

Kilz isn’t intended to be the eventual finish coat. Its sheen is a stupid flat-matte similar to every other sort of primer. Since kilz is water-based, it has little or no smell and is akin to the scent of ordinary acrylic-latex interior paints. It dries to the touch in 30 minutes. May be re-coated or top-coated in one hour with latex or oil-primarily based paint.

Kilz Primer

Kilz is a lousy paint product, however it will have some “side sheen.” which means it seals in addition to primes and that seal is on top in addition to in opposition to the surface. No, it is no longer paint; however it’s no longer strictly useless flat primer either. It’ll scrub up smooth to a point. In that case oil based primer will take approximately eight hours to dry.

Latex primers, usually, dries up in an hour or so. You still need to wait for net 4 to 5 hours before coating the primer with another layer of paint. On the other hand, a primer that is oil based will require more time for drying. Likewise, the gap between primer and another coat of paint is also more approximately 12 hours and more.

Why Does Kilz Primer Takes So Long To Dry?

It takes a lot of time for Kilz primer to dry and to be prepped for another layer. This is to ensure that the primer has evenly spread and adhered to the surface, thereby protecting it from scraping off. It is also to be considered that the wait time should not be skipped otherwise you may have to deal with chipping, tackiness or you may even pull the paint off your surface.

The drying time depends upon various factors like the type of primer, temperatures, humidity, and ventilation. It has been commonly observed that oil-based primers take longer to dry than the water-based primer. There can be various conditions that can affect the drying time of a primer. Hence, there is no standard set up for drying the primer.

We can calculate the time by keeping in mind the trends of various parameters for your primer. For instance, an ideal temperature for your primer drying time can be 24 celsius, but when you lower the temp, the time may increase.

Kilz Primer

Similarly, it is also affected by the area where you have applied it. If the primer is used indoor, the temperature should be relatively cool. But if you have applied the primer in exterior areas, the area should be hot.

It is also suggested that the humidity should be low and there should be a proper channel of ventilation for your primed surface. All these factors contribute to the drying time of your primer.


Kilz primer is mostly used all across the World for domestic and commercial purposes. Hence, it is advisable to wait at least 30-40 minutes before painting another coat over it. Sometimes, applying another coat hurriedly may cause unevenness and streaks in the paint.

This will cost you a lot as you will have to undergo the whole process again. It is also suggested that you should keep in mind other factors like humidity, temperature and ventilation for understanding the time that the primer would take for drying.


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  1. The lengthy process of having to wait for Kilz to dry is bothersome. But I appreciate learning all the factors that affect the drying time.

  2. I had a terrible experience with Kilz, it only made my work harder. It’s not worth the effort.

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