How Long Does it Take for Salad Spinner to Come to Rest – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1.5 seconds

Usually, time is taken to chop, and clean raw vegetables are one of the main obstacles to consuming it. However, using a salad spinner will help solve the above problem. With this spinner, you will be able to blend various fresh and nutritious salads, making perfect for use when in a hurry.

Having salad spinner in your kitchen is essential. Furthermore, you will be able to handle various kitchen tasks such as drying salad greens, fruits, and herbs when using the salad spinners.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss how long does it take for the salad spinner to come to rest.

How Long Does it Take for Salad Spinner to Come to Rest

How long does a salad spinner take to come to rest?

Usually, a salad spinner rotates 6 more times before coming to rest which is equivalent to 1.5 seconds. Salad spinners feature a standard start for spinning, which is 15 seconds. You should note that having a spinner with powerful spins runs a risk of damaging your herbs and vegetables as well as the berries.

Therefore, a fast or a powerful spinner is not suitable for use, especially in making fragile vegetables and herbs. The purpose of consuming vegetables is to get essential vitamins and minerals; therefore, avoid using powerful spinners since they tend to denature all essential vitamins.

When purchasing a salad spinner here are some of the crucial aspects you will need to consider;

1. Efficiency

A good salad spinner is the one that gets your greens good and dry at the same time; furthermore, it has to be efficient. Do not purchase a salad spinner that spins and gives you greens that are still damp.

2. Capacity

Capacity is more of personal preference. When purchasing a salad, spinner always goes for the one that provides you with the maximum size of your choice. The spinner should be capable of handling a sufficient amount of greens and berries.

You should note that the more greens you pack into your spinner, the harder it becomes for it to dry. Water will remain trapped between the leaves when packed tightly in the salad spinner.

3. Quality

A great salad spinner helps in improving the taste of your salad. Always assess the quality of a salad spinner before purchasing it. Usually, the taste of the mixture if improved when vegetables are dried, and the oils and dressing get absorbed into the salad hence enhancing its flavor.

When assessing the quality of a spinner, durability and reliability have to come first. Having a durable and reliable salad spinner will guarantee you a long term service.


As we conclude the article, there are some key things you will need to consider when having a salad spinner such as cleaning it and how to use it properly. You should always conduct a regular cleaning on your salad spinner.

This will help to prevent the development of microorganisms in your sinner as well as keeping off an unpleasant odor. When purchasing a salad spinner, always consider the one with an easy to operate design. This will make your work easier.

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