How Long Does It Take To Become A Pharmacist (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 To 8 Years

From the last 50 years to till now, a lot of changes happened all around the world. The things which seemed next to impossible presently are easily accessed by all types of people. Everything is impossible until it is completed.

A coin has two sides, like this in every work, there exist two outcomes, positive and negative. That’s why some scientists and professors thought, the developed human civilization will be the cause of the end of itself.

All known humans are the most intelligent organisms in the world, and humans are always trying to save themselves along with the world in various crises, and it was also successful many times.

Rapid development works to harm the environment, and all know that everything in the world is interconnected. If a single element disturbs this chain, then the whole system also disturbs. As a result of natural disasters, diseases, and so many problems are created.

That’s why different types of professions are opted by the people to save the existence of life. The pharmacist is one of these.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pharmacist

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pharmacist?

Journey typeTime it needs
To become a full-fledged pharmacistSix to eight years (with the official degree papers)
Doctor pharmacy degree programFour years (general period)

If someone loves to work in the healthcare industry, then becoming a pharmacist is a good option for them. It is a fast-growing profession in the whole world. It is just because of the growing population and increased demand for medication to live longer.

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Becoming a pharmacist takes between 6 to 8 years. It requires an undergraduate degree of at least 2 years, 4 years in a doctor pharmacy degree program, and 1 to 2 years of a residency program to gain training and experience in the field. Pharmacists’ main works include advising the patients about the medicine, dosages, risk of dosages, and so on.

One thing should be remembered that the time taken to become a pharmacist depends on the type of education level the person wants. If someone interested to know better about the time should be investing in this career, then the person must be well aware of the education requirements for a pharmacist.

The total education system can be split into 4 categories, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, doctor of pharmacy, and residency program.

A pharmacist’s salary is quite attractive. One can have the required qualification, and then the person can earn a decent income. Year of experience is also a factor that can affect the experience one can earn more than a beginner in this career.

Why Does Being A Pharmacist Take That Long?

Associates degree in pharmacy is a pre-medical degree and offers 60 credits to complete the coursework. The coursework includes fundamentals of pharmacology, anatomy, and others. This degree can only give surface-level knowledge and is suitable only for entry-level jobs or works.

Bachelor’s degree provides 120-128 credits that offer general core courses, and it is a four years program. The core courses include math, biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy. It is a stepping stone for those who want to take up the advanced levels.

Doctor of pharmacy or pharm.D is an advanced degree and can take after completing the undergraduate degree. The main motive is as simple as giving in-depth knowledge on topics such as medicinal chemistry, how drugs work in the body, public health concepts, toxicology, and so on. This degree is accredited by the ACPE(Accreditation Council For Pharmacy Education).

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Without the experience, everything goes to ruin. That’s why after completing the education, candidates go through a residency program or post-doctoral training for 1-2 years.


A pharmacist invests a long time in gaining knowledge and experience. That’s why it is surely worth the wait. It seems that the average salary offered for this job is about $135,337 per annum.

Nowadays, the healthcare industry is at its peak appetite. Those who are interested in serving people or admire this profession can go for it. It will be fruitful for the person who is willing to choose this career.

Pharmacists work in hospitals, clinics, drug stores, etc. The government and military also recruit pharmacists.



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