How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding (And Why)?

Exact Answer: A Year

Marriages are mostly a once-in-a-lifetime event unless the couple chooses to divorce or renew their wedding vows. These are very special events signifying the meet of not just two persons but two families. These are dream events for which both the bride and groom dream for their whole life.

A special event of such importance can not be done away with within a few days. It requires months of planning and it stretches for a year. The magnitude and importance of the event calls for ample time to take meticulous and precise decisions regarding the event.


How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding?

Things To DoMonths Before Wedding
1. Choosing a wedding date and venue
2. Creation of a wedding budget and other estimates
A Year
Booking of florists, entertainers, rentals and floristsTen to Eight Months
1. Choosing wedding dress
2. Finalise the wedding guest list
3. Choosing Wedding ring
Eight to Six Months
1. Decide Wedding menu
2. Plan Honeymoon
Six to Four Months
Choose music to be playedFour to Two Months
1. Send wedding invitations
2. Send dress for fittings, if necessary
3. Reconfirm the responsibilities of vendors
One To Two Months

A wedding requires planning much before in advance. It consists of so many activities that a family can’t plan all in a month. A wedding needs a year on average in its planning and execution.

While choosing and booking a wedding date and venue should be done before a year of the wedding, booking of vendors like florists, entertainers, musicians and caterers should be done before eight to ten months of the wedding. Before eight to six months of the wedding, the wedding dress and wedding ring should be chosen and the guest list finalized.

The couple should also plan for a honeymoon before six to eight months of wedding and choose their music preferences before two to four months of marriage ideally.

As the wedding approaches, the couple should free themselves from decision-making roles and invest in revisionary roles like making changes in the guest list, sending the wedding dress for alterations.

Why It Takes So Long To Plan A Wedding?

Marriage is a very sensitive and special emotion for a couple. It is a sacred bond and thus, cannot be done away with in haste. Considerable time and effort are required in its planning and execution.

In addition to that, there is a range of factors influencing how long it takes to plan a wedding. The lifestyle of the couple is an important factor. If the couple happens to have a busy professional or social life or remains busy due to any other reason, it would take more time to plan a wedding. In contrast, couples with ample free time take less time in planning.

The finances of the couple are another factor in this regard. When the couple lacks the needed finances, they might have to wait to build up savings for marriage. This would help the couple to earn some extra money to finance their dream wedding. However, if the couple already has enough resources at their disposal, they might not need to wait.

Support from friends and family of the bride and groom is another issue. The wedding planning process becomes faster if the couple is assisted by their near and their dear ones. The assistance of friends and family helps to speed the process. On the other hand, if they are not involved in the wedding planning for any reason, all the burden would fall on the couple. This would demand more time.


Planning a wedding requires nearly a year. During this period, more demanding tasks as deciding the wedding date, place, dress and ring have to be done in the first six months of planning. However, revisionary tasks like dress alterations and checking up with vendors can be done a month before the wedding.

The importance attached to a wedding for a couple is behind a long planning period. A wedding is a dream event for couples and they are planned similarly.


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