How Long Does It Take To Wash Clothes (And Why)?

Exact Answer : Around 3 hours

In today’s world of hectic schedules, people rarely find the time to wash their clothes. This is the reason why laundries are blooming in every lane of our cities.



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Well, some people still wash their clothes either by hand or use washing machines at home. It is even not possible to wash all the clothes via the laundry.

Some clothing like intimate apparel cannot be washed at the laundry. Hence, it is important to spare some time to wash such apparel at home.

Washing clothes at home is a gentler technique especially for delicate fabrics like silk, lace, wool, etc. Washing clothes at home, either by hand or by washing machine takes an approximate time of 2 hours. However, it also differs from person to person.

How Long Does It Take To Wash Clothes

How Long Does It Take To Wash Clothes?

Washing MethodTime Taken
Washing by hand3 hrs.
Washing by machine3hrs.
Washing at laundry2hrs.

Well, there are three ways of washing clothes. The first one is washing by hand, which has been the traditional way of washing clothes. The second method includes the help of a washing machine. These two ways are an instant way of getting your clothes washed.

The third way of washing clothes includes paying the laundry for getting your clothes washed. Although the clothes get washed within a short time, it usually takes one day for the washed clothes to reach us.

Washing clothes includes the preparatory time ( during which all the clothes are categorised according to their colour and other properties), the actual washing process, the process of drying followed by the final process of folding the clothes and placing them in the wardrobe.

Washing clothes by hand requires a preparatory time of 45 minutes during which the clothes are collected and categorized properly and soaked in water. Soaking in water helps in removing the dirt easily.

Then the clothes can be washed by hand within 30 minutes followed by which the clothes can be dried within 2 – 3 hours. After this, one needs 15 – 20minutes to fold them and keep them in the wardrobe.

Washing clothes by machine requires a preparatory time of 30 minutes and washing time of 1hr 30minutes. After this, the clothes can be dried within 30 minutes and then can be kept in place.

The third way which involves getting your clothes washed at laundry involves a preparatory time of 30 minutes. Then, one needs to go to the laundry and give the clothes. The washed clothes can be collected from the laundry the next day with a successful payment receipt.

Why Does It Take So Long To Wash Clothes?

Washing clothes is not as hectic as people take it to be. Well, washing clothes at home by hand is the best way to get your clothes washed because it increases the longevity of the fabrics.

Washing clothes by hand takes 3 hours because one needs to run warm water over the clothes before 30 minutes and then wash them. The washing time is even 30 minutes after which the clothes can be dried. Due to the number of processes involved here, it is quite time-consuming.

Washing clothes by washing machine depends on the wash cycle one puts it into and load size. A normal wash cycle takes about one hour to wash clothes.

On the other hand, you can get your clothes washed within 40 minutes in a Quick Wash Cycle. The Heavy Duty Wash Cycle takes about 2 hours, and it is especially for soiled clothes.

The Delicate Wash Cycle takes about 1 hour to wash clothes that require gentle or hand wash. The Sanitize Wash Cycle takes about 2 hours.

In addition to the wash cycle, the duration of a normal drying cycle is about 45 minutes approximately. The wash cycle and drying cycle add up to 3 hours approximately.

Nowadays, a difference in timings is observed with various brands of a washing machine. The reason between these different wash times is because of the difference between a “regular washer” and a “high-efficiency washer”. A high-efficiency washer consumes more time because it uses less water.


There are different ways of washing clothes. While washing clothes by hand is the most effective way of washing clothes, one can also go for the other methods mentioned above according to convenience.

Washing by a washing machine takes an approximate time of 3 hours. But, the time taken by each individual may vary depending on the load given and the performance of the washing machine.

Hence, it is advised to choose the wash cycle according to the load to avoid unnecessary consumption of time. One can also put the clothes in the washing machine and carry on other daily chores to save time.


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