How Long Does THC Stay In Urine (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

The world of pharmaceutical drugs has developed to a great extent. New medicines are discovered and invented every single day to cure various kinds of diseases and common illnesses. Though some medicines don’t actually cure the ailments, some do act as a soothing remedy and help with the symptoms and conditions.

Nowadays scientists have also arrived at the fact that plants like cannabis can be used for various health benefits. One should never exceed the limits. There are medical tests that can tell if the body still has effects of THC in it.

Among various other tests, urine tests to test for THC are one of the most accurate. According to various sources, THC can stay in the urine for about 30 days.

How Long Does THC Stay In Urine


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How Long Does THC Stay In Urine?

One time3 to 10 days
Moderate21 to 30 days
Heavy35 to 60 days

Marijuana can also be called a weed or pot, and it belongs to the Cannabis family of plants. Among many plants in this family, Marijuana is one of the plants that contain a high level of a psychoactive compound called THC. THC, otherwise popularly called tetrahydrocannabinol gives one highly intoxicating aftereffects.

That effect is commonly known as “getting high” by people and the effects can last for a while based on the amount of usage. The roots, stems, leaves, and seeds can be used to the medicinal drugs that give intoxicating effects. Nowadays the industry of medicinal drugs has been very creative with the method of preparations.

Marijuana is still made into powders, capsules, but nowadays they are also prepared into gummies, oil, tinctures, lozenges, and much more. They can be smoked as pipes, bongs, and joints.


They can even be added to food and drinks as powder and into tea. Though they have high medical benefits, people still abuse them. When one intakes marijuana in any form, there are certain long-term and short-term effects. When one intakes marijuana, the THC in the drug gets into your system and gets mixed into the bloodstream.

Normally, it takes about thirty minutes for the effects to take a toll. THC starts activating the parts of the brain, which gives the primary symptoms of intoxication. There are some side effects too like loss of sense of time, delusions, disconnection to reality, mood swings, hallucination, and much more.

Why Does THC Stay That Long In Urine?

There are other long time effects too like intense nausea, problems in breathing, heart rate increase, and much more. The effects will last based on the dosage one intakes. While some use marijuana for medicinal purposes, some use it regularly and some even overdose. The amount and duration of uses can be calculates using tests on blood, hair, urine, saliva even nails.

These drug tests can detect THC’s presence in the body if there is any. When presence is found, even the level of THC in the body can be calculated. Saliva tests can fail drug tests for around 3 to 4 days after use. On the other hand, hair tests detect marijuana for at least 90 days and blood tests will show the presence of marijuana for at least 3 days.


Drug tests on hair fail the test for at least 3 months. One of the prominent tests is the urine test. When one has used marijuana only once, the urine test will fail for around 10 days. One uses it regularly, the urine test will fail for at least a week after a month or more. Although, if one overdoses, the traces of THC will be there for 2 to 3 months at least.


There are various reasons why one takes marijuana in small doses on regular basis. Marijuana helps really well as antidepressants, painkillers, and anti-anxiety medicines. Sometimes that can lead to addiction. Marijuana addiction can be treated using rehabilitation.

Some other ways can be more effective like cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, and motivational enhancement therapy. When one uses marijuana, cannabis, or any product that contains THC, it is better to keep it in control. Before starting the usage, regulating the usage in any way can be really helpful to keep one in check.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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