How Long Does Knolopin Stay in Your Urine – (And Why)?

How Long Does Knolopin Stay in Your Urine – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 month

Knolopin is used as medication for patients with panic disorders and various types of seizures. It is prescribed along with benzodiazepine hence it makes you feel calmer.

Furthermore, this treatment is also effective for people with epilepsy and bipolar disorder. However, its use is only advisable if you have doctors’ prescriptions and can cause psychological as well as physical complications if misused.

How Long Does Knolopin Stay in Your Urine

How long does Knolopin stay in the urine

Knolopin Lab TestPresent Duration
Urine1 month
SalivaSix days
Hair28 days

Research has it that knolopin can be detectable in the urine analysis for a period that lasts a whole month. Additionally, on the saliva test, its duration is five to six days and on hair, the test span is 28 days.

It has a long half-life of 20-50 hours meaning that it stays in the body longer compared to other drugs. There are various factors that determine how long knolopin stays in your urine, namely:

Consumption duration

How long you have been on medication is a key determinant factor of how long the drug substance will subsequently stay in your urine.

If you have been on treatment for a relatively long period of time, there’s a possibility that the drug will be prolonged in your body. Moreover, this is experienced greatly is you are an addict.

Liver functioning

How well your liver function can greatly estimate the duration knolopin can take in your urine. The liver is known well for its function of metabolizing drugs as well as also detoxifying chemicals.

Therefore, how well it metabolizes knolopin will basically determine the duration of time it will take. The kind of drug test used – Just as we mentioned earlier, the long half-life of knolopin is between 20 to 50 hours in grown-up while in kids is between 22 to 33 hours.

Therefore, this means it will be detectable in your urine after 4 to around 12 days of your last dose.

Why Knolopin stay that long in urine?

Below are some reasons why it might take knolopin long in the body system:

How well your body is hydrated

You might be wondering how well should your body be hydrated? While on medication your body is supposed to remain well hydrated to enable well function of your medication. However, taking medication while hydrated risks your kidney and liver to disease.

Therefore, if the body is not well hydrated is another reason why it can really take knolopin long in your body system.


Addiction is another factor that influences why knolopin takes that long in the urine.

If you are addicted to it, then it can really take you a long period of time to stop. This explains why it takes it long in the urine system.


How long and why it takes a particular time for a drug to be eradicated from the body depends on age, in the body of young people, it tends to be fast compared to the old ones.

Therefore, age also determines why it takes that particular time for knolopin to be eliminated from the body system.


There are many factors that influence how long knolopin takes long and why. From the factors mentioned above you are able to know how long it can take you or your patient to get knolopin eliminated from the body.

There are other factors that have gone unmentioned such as; genetics, body mass, and urinary PH.


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