How Long Does Western Union Hold Your Money (And Why)?

How Long Does Western Union Hold Your Money (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 45 days

Wondering how exactly can you send money and hold your money with Western Union? Then, here we’re to assist you in claiming your money after a certain period of time. But don’t forget to pick your money in the choose time frame. There are chances that you might lose this money.

For this reason, you need to understand the basic guidelines of the Western Union. Western Union is a financial services company established in Colorado. It is one of the leading American communications companies. With the help of Western Union, you can send money online to your friends and family across the globe.

How Long Does Western Union Hold Your Money

How Long Does Western Union Hold Your Money?

Amount (In USD)Fees
$0.00 – $50$13
$50.01 – $100$14
$100.01 – $200$21
$200.01 -$300$27
$300.01 – $400$32
$400.01 – $500$37
$500.01 – $750$42
$750 – $1000$47
$1000.01 -$1250$55
$1250.01 – $1500$60

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about your money when it is with Western Union. As mentioned on the web, users can pick their money just within a few minutes after transferring the money. In case if we’re incapable of picking up the transferred amount on the same day then that amount is stored in the system for the following 45 days.

If the sender forgot about his money or if they don’t get their money for about 9 months after sending then you need to pay attention. But why? Because you just have the next 45 days if you want your money from the date of transfer. If the user doesn’t request Western Union to get their money back, then they won’t transfer the money. If you want to transfer your money to someone else then don’t forget to pick your money at the right time. In case you forget, then remember that you need to reach out to the Western Union. Then, you can easily get your money else they don’t transfer funds automatically.

In case if the money isn’t pulled out by the receiver, then you’ll get a full refund with the transaction fees. Once the money is picked up by the user or if you speculate that you’re a victim of a scam. In such a situation, Western Union supports you in filing a case against the officials and reporting your case to law execution. The cases listed to Western Union go under review to conclude if a reimbursement will be authorized or not. Western Union works hard to recognize fraudulent transactions through their systems. They use different tactics to catch these tech-savvy scammers.

Why Does Western Union Hold Your Money?

There are quite a few reasons due to which Western Union holds the money of the sender. First, the sender or receiver name is listed on the “Specially Designated Nationals List” (SDN List) maintained by the Department of Treasury and FBI. When the sender or receiver gets listed, then Western Union holds your money and prohibits you from spending it, and gives a refund. Don’t try to scam with a different spelling or initials as it might lead to blockage or termination.

Second, the amount sent can be put on hold looking at the sum. If you send more than $1,000 it is put on hold till the sender answers federal questions which declare that the person is not involved in any fraud or scam. Next, if the Western Union suspects that a sender or receiver is involved in money laundering or some sort of crime. These agents will block your transaction and money. And sending of money would be blocked.

Also, it holds your transaction when they see repeated transactions and when the transaction amount is around $10,000. Many people avoid the 8300 form but Western Union gets notified customer is considered criminal. They get penalized with a fine of $250 or 10% of the amount sent. Western Union hotline through which agents can suspect on the individuals and decline their transaction from taking place. Therefore, these are the reasons why Western Union holds your transaction for so long.


To pick up your money from Western union you need the following documents i.e., valid identity proof, payout, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), senders name, country, and amount. Worried about a bank account to get a bank account to send money? Well, you don’t need to worry as you don’t need a bank account to transfer money. The money you transfer is registered in their system under a unique number known as Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).



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