How Long After CCJ Can I Get Credit (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Years

The banking sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors all over the world. Government, as well as private banks, have been set up in different parts of the world. Banks have a lot of significance and one of the main significance is that they can help people by giving them loans. People trust banks and store money in banks.

The term loan may be easy on the outside but it has a lot of complications. If a person fails to pay back the money he or she owes, that person might receive a Country Court Judgement. It is a kind of a warning from the country court to pay back the debt. It can last for six years before that person receives money in form of credit again.

How Long After CCJ Can I Get Credit


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How Long After CCJ Can I Get Credit?

Debt Not Paid After CCJ6 Years
Debt Paid After CCJ< 6 Years

The maximum time limit in the case of a CCJ is 6 years without paying the money owed. But if it is paid there will not be any kind of complications further. The public register holds the record of the CCJ and also the credit file. It is due to this situation that it gets harder to not get any credit during that period. Paying the amount owed without further delay after receiving the CCJ will erase it from the public register as well as the file.

A CCJ is not received suddenly. The creditor must give some sort of warning before any legal actions are. It should be at least 14 days before the CCJ is received. The letter mainly tells the person, who owed them money, about the various actions that might be taken against him or her if he or she does not repay the money owed and it also tells about what kind of advice should the person consider.

In case a CCJ is received, that person should immediately consult his or her legal advisor to seek help. This helps the person to make the court understand their situation and in turn, the court might keep that in mind deciding how the money should be repaid. Otherwise, the decisions might become one-sided and the person has to pay the whole amount in one go.

It is not impossible to get a credit amid a CCJ. The general public has to know a clue about a person receiving a CCJ but in case of getting more credit, the person or the organization that will be lending the money can see the credit history of the receiver.

Why Does It Take Long To Get Credit After CCJ?

It is not always the case, in which a person has to wait to get credit after getting a CCJ. As mentioned above, A person paying his or her debt on time will be eligible to get another credit or wait for six years. The person who receives the CCJ has a period of 14 days in their hand to reply. In this case, not replying might become a burden later, when paying the debt.

The reply mainly includes how much money the person has with them that can be used to pay off the debt. The reply is made in an Income and Expenditure form so that the court gets to know about the incomes and spending of that person. Sometimes, a person may file for a defense against the CCJ if he or she disagrees with it.

In case, the person does not pay any kind of attention to the court order, strict actions can be taken. Strict actions include bailiff orders, charging orders, and attachment of earnings orders. The creditor gets permission from the court, he or she might seize all the tangible goods and assets and money from the home or office of the person, who is indebted.


People need money all the time. They have dreams they want to fulfill. Completing studies, building a house, capital for a start-up, etc all require money and the banking sectors provide loans for these purposes. Getting money on credit is not a bad thing but not paying is illegal. A person may have a problem paying back the debt. In this case, legal advisors are the only way.

CCJ acts as a warning to those kinds of people who have not paid their debt. If they continue being like that, They will face more complications in the future. CCJs are issued for the public benefit and should not be ignored.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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