How Long For VA Retro After DFAS Audit (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 45 – 60 days

After a reward is processed with retired pay concerned, it takes DFAS 45-60 days to produce the audit work to VA that informs them what quantity of the antecedently withheld funds to unharness back to you. Thankfully, the discharge of these funds has been machine-controlled, thus once DFAS sends it back, it is a fast method. The last batch was received Wed. If your record was in this batch, it will not be for much longer.

However, if the system was being its typical government system self, then it’ll need a manual process. The timeline for the manual process varies from the regional workplace to the regional workplace. If you retired once January 1, 2014, you may receive the whole quantity of funds back.

How Long For VA Retro After DFAS Audit

How Long For VA Retro After DFAS Audit?

New retirements45 days
Survivor benefit plans60 days

If before that, you may receive a majority of it back because the program was phased in over ten years, with the share redoubled annually. If there’s a monetary hardship, there’s the simplest way for the VA to expedite the exchange of data from DFAS. This could conjointly cause the facilitated process of the award action.

DFAS and (VA) handle the CRDP/CRSC program. This was earlier known as VA Retro. It was started as an initiative to pay eligible military retirees. The payment would be retroactive CRSC, CRDP, and VA incapacity compensations or anything they’re eligible for. A retired person could also be due funds from each DFAS and therefore the VA then each of these agencies stay in communication with one another to with success method CRDP accounts. DFAS can even audit your account. The audit is mainly done to check whether or not the retroactive payment is due to you.

During the audit of your account, the basic data regarding payment from each session will be checked. If any cash from DFAS is due to you, it is expected that it will be paid to you within 30-90 days of your first payment of CRSC or CRDP. If it is found by DFAS that any payment is due to you from the VA, they’ll carry out further steps. An associate degree audit will be forwarded to the VA which would ask them to pay you the due cash that they owe you.


Yeah, that the approach it works is, the VA withholds the retired pay to apprize DFAS of the amendment in profit. That’s after you need to raise DFAS for the CRDP and you already did that. Well then DFAS tells the VA that you just qualify and therefore the VA currently needs to do a gift adjustment and unharness your pay that was withheld within the initial place.

Why Does It Take So Long For VA Retro After DFAS Audit?

And during this instance, it’s exhausting to mention however long it will take. If your artificial language is fast in-process non-rating claims hopefully presently you’ll have it completed. Some RO’s have an enormous backlog of rating claims and can’t bit too several non-rating claims or assign a lot of folks to tackle them. If you’re an area soldier turning sixty years old-time, your initial retired pay ought to be processed in thirty to forty-five days once your retirement date. Your initial monthly payment ought to be sent via mail or fax it will take thirty to sixty days to method a paper kind.

If you create an amendment within the latter a part of a month, it’s going to not become till successive day. Your initial SBP monthly rented payment ought to be processed within thirty days of receiving the Doctor of Divinity kind 2656-7 and supporting documentation. In some cases, further data, research, or computation is needed. It may take forty-five days, or in advanced cases, quite forty-five days. If there’s not a chosen beneficiary or once there are multiple beneficiaries, these cases need longer.


If we will draw one conclusion from these studies, it’d be that you just can receive each below CRDP. The VA is needed to withhold the rear pay till the number is reconciled with DFAS; you’ll then get the retro during a separate work item. It’ll most likely take 60-90 days. The VA is needed to inform you of everything you will be entitled to and therefore the letters are machine-controlled so that they are often confusing.


You’ll receive all of your retired pay & all of your compensation presently if all of your documentation needs no additional analysis or further data. These financial processes take time to complete. There are many hectic processes involved which make the task a tough one.

One needs to be patient to see results. If proper documents are submitted, then it will be helpful for the department. They would process the documents sooner. You will even receive your payment soon. These processes take time and hence, one needs to be consistent and patient.


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