How Long Has America Been A Country (And Why)?

Exact Answer: For 244 Years

The world has many nations and countries, but out of them, some countries are more powerful. At the start, all countries did not get discovered. The reason being technology was not advanced. Hence, travelers were able to find many countries after years of traveling.

Today we have researched and know all the possible places on earth. One of the several powerful and famous countries today is America. The full name for America is the United States of America or the USA. Americans were able to get this name and their independence only after one year after the revolutionary war that started in 1775.

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How Long Has America Been A County?

Long ago, when any land got found, it did not directly become an independent country. The powerful country used to conquer it and rule over it. The same thing happened to America. History has it that Great Britain used to rule over America since Great Britain was the superpower then. Great Britain colonized America and established its rule.

Soon enough, there was a revolution, and Americans began to know their rights and wanted to fight back. They fought various wars and eventually got much-deserved Independence. It has been 244 years since America got Independence and became a legit country. In these 244 years, The United States has overcome the despair and emerged as a nation amongst the powerful ones.

The United States of America became a country when Independence got declared on the Fourth of July, 1776. America’s age since the time it originated would be thousands of years. However, America became a free and independent country only in the year 1776. Hence, it is only since Independence that the calculation gets done concerning how old America has been a country.

America became a righteous nation only after defeating European exploration. The exploration started with the aim of bringing development. However, it resulted in the colonization and the exploitation of the people of America.

PeriodHow Old America Is
Before IndependenceGreater than 30,000 years
After Independence244 years

Why Has America Been A Country For So Long?

Technically all countries and nations exist from the very beginning of civilization. However other the years, as the population increased, people started discovering new places to civilize. Earlier, America was the homeland of Paleoamericans. Then with time, more and more people began coming to America from Eurasia to make it their home. Thus, America started attracting a lot of people. But there is more to how old America is.

To know the reason why America has been a country for a long, you need to know how America got its Independence. The journey of how American got Independence is as follows:

  • America was in the start found by European explorers that came from Great Britain for civilization. All was fair and good until one day, Europeans started increasing taxes. Due to this, people started suffering. The people could not bear this for a long time. They began to fight for their rights and started a rebellion. It started the American War of Independence, also known as the American Revolution of 1775.
  • The Americans fought hard and mighty, and finally, they were able to throw off the British rule within just a year. The British then had no choice but to free the country of taxes. It was on 4th July 1776 that Independence got finally declared in America. America then was named the United States of America.
  • However, the Revolutionary War was known to last even after 1776. It was only in 1783 that the Revolutionary War ended.
  • Hence, America’s age gets counted from the year 1776.


It was not an easy journey to go to war with a powerful nation of the time. But the Americans were determined to stop all the unfair practices that the European Explorers used to impose on the country. Americans indeed lost a lot of lives. However, in the end, all the sacrifices helped America to claim Independence in July 1776.

Since 1776, the United States of America has been celebrating its Independence day on 4th July. It’s a day that the people of the country remember the sacrifices of the patriots with pride and honor.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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