How Long Has Wheel Of Fortune Been On (And Why)?

How Long Has Wheel Of Fortune Been On (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 46 Years

One of the longest-running shows in American history is the Wheel Of Fortune. It is a television game show that is based on word puzzles. The show was created by Merv Griffin. The show has been so successful that there have been more than 7000 episodes over the years.

There are many aspects of the show like the concept, the host, and the timings that make it so popular with the viewers. The game got its name due to the gameplay. In the game, the contestants have to solve word puzzles like the one in Hangman. The word puzzle is chosen by spinning the wheel that resembles a carnival wheel. In the game, the contestants spin the wheel, then they have to guess the consonant.

How Long Has Wheel Of Fortune Been On

How Long Has Wheel Of Fortune Been On?

The wheel of fortune was telecasted originally on the NBC network. The first episode was aired on January 6, 1975. It has been running successfully ever since. Each episode has a running time of about 22 minutes.

Over the period many hosts have been associated with the show, and there has been a change in the stakeholders too. But the show is still running strong with thousands of episodes. Considering everything the game show has a long run of about 46 years.

The timings of the show have been shifted from morning to night on several occasions. If the length of the show – Wheel Of Fortune is to be considered, then the show has been running for about 564 months. This makes it one of the most popular, and successfully running shows in the category of games.

There have been many spin-offs to the original show, but they didn’t make it to woo the masses like the original one. 

CalculationThe overall running time of Wheels Of Fortune
In years46 years till date
In months564 months till date

Why Has The Wheel Of Fortune Been So Long?

Not every show that is aired on television will gain success. Multiple factors will lead to the type of success a show will have. There are a few reasons below as to why the Wheel Of Fortune has been running for so long.

  • The main reason behind any show’s success is the concept. Although, there have been a few shows that run on a similar concept, but the Wheel Of Fortune has been the first to come up with a concept that kept people engaged. The concept is fun and also educating while being thoroughly entertaining. It keeps the viewer hooked, and the viewers end up coming back to see who the next winner will be.
  • The setup of the game show is kept lively. It does not make the viewer feel bored. It is a small factor that plays a big role in keeping the viewers loyal to the Wheel Of Fortune.
  • The host and their demeanor also play an imminent role in the success of any show. The host of Wheel Of Fortune, Pat Sajak, and Varna White, have been appreciated for their hosting skills. Their hosting style kept the viewer engaged and thus helped the show is taking a place in people’s everyday schedules.
  • The running time seems insignificant, but it can play a vital role in how a show will fare with the audience. The viewers found it appealing that the Wheel Of Fortune was not lengthy. Lengthy shows tend to lose their touch, and the audience appears over time. The running time of 22 minutes was sufficient enough for the viewers to keep coming back for the next episode along these years. 
  • It helped Wheel Of Fortune to be telecasted in the night, as viewers found a comfy show they can view while having dinner. This enhanced the show’s rating. As a result, the show saw such a long air-time.


Wheel Of Fortune has become a household name as families loved watching these shows. The show has all elements for a hit show. It has been one of the highest-rated shows that bagged millions in viewership.

There are many rounds in the game that help find the winner of the game. Sometimes there are also bonus rounds in the game. It is also well-known that the contestants have made a lot of money from this show. 


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