How Long Has The Simpsons Been On (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 32 Years

The Simpsons have been a popular series that people have loved over the years. Since the start of the show, it has seen tremendous success in terms of viewership. The Simpsons is an animated show that was created by Matt Groening.

The show is still running on television networks and is also available to watch online. The show has gained popularity because of its simple yet effective storyline. The show depicts the Simpson family as an American family and their daily activities. All characters have distinct personalities and have their fan following.

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How Long Has The Simpsons Been On?

One of the most appreciated shows on American television has been The Simpsons. The first-ever episode of this show was aired on December 17, 1989. Since then, it has been a favorite of most of America. The show has a gripping storyline with funny dialogues that have made this show stand apart. It was also a reason why the show is still on the air.

It is an animated fiction show that is based in the fiction location of Springfield. The world-famous animated show was developed by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Sam Simon. Since its inception in 1989, the show has been going strong for about 32 years.

The Simpsons have been long enough on-air that there have been 33 seasons in total. The successful running of the show can also be calculated from the number of episodes that have been telecasted. There have been more than 714 episodes, and still counting. 

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If the length of the show is to be calculated in terms of months, it has been about 384 months since the Simpsons have been on. Considering the average running time of 22 minutes, the show has had a total running time of about 15,708 minutes.

Calculation typePeriod for which the show has been on
In years32 years
In months384 months

Why Has The Simpsons Been On For So Long?

Why a specific show or series runs for a long time can depend on numerous factors. It is the same about The Simpsons. The reasons why The Simpsons have been on for so long is as follows:

  • The primary reason behind the viewer’s acceptance of any show is the storyline. The storyline of The Simpsons is engaging as the show takes a different view on American reality, television shows, and society. Adapting this concept led to the mass viewership that the show saw over the years. There are many sitcoms on tv, but the different storylines made the viewers wait for the next episode.
  • Where the show is telecasted also plays an imminent role in the fate of the show. The Simpsons being aired on one of the most popular tv networks made sure that the outreach of the animated sitcom is to the maximum. 
  • The characters are the life of any show. The characters of The Simpsons were perfect as per the story. Whether it was the dialogue delivery or timing of the jokes, it was splendid. The character is well written, irrespective of whether they were the regular characters or the side characters. 
  • Another factor that seems minor but is a vital factor when it concerns animated shows is the graphics. The show was always easy on the eyes while being vibrant enough to keep the viewers aptly satisfied.
  • How long a single episode runs for will also define the range of viewership that a show receives. The running time for The Simpsons is kept to an ideal time of 21 to 24 minutes per episode. The length made sure that the viewers got the entertainment they were looking for. Also, it was not too long that the viewer would lose interest after a time.
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Some scenes or episodes saw more viewership than the others. Some scenes have been quite epic, and they stayed with the viewers to date.

The Simpsons are still running as strong as ever. Even if the show has a lot of parody, whimsies, shtick, or satire, it still depicted the importance of family at the end. Each year adds to the longevity and ground-breaking success of the show. It is a family show that is a favorite for people of all ages.


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