How Long Hummus After Opening (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-4 Days

Hummus is one of the most famous dishes in most Middle Eastern countries that are made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini and lemon juice. This dish can be made at your home and it can last for about 3-4 days before it starts to spoil.

However, there is branded hummus available in the shops and they can last for about a week. However, hummus should be kept under a refrigerator to last for several days because if the hummus is not kept chilled then the shelf life will be diminished.

This means that homemade hummus must be consumed much before the branded ones. The branded ones are prepared in sterile conditions along with several contaminations. You need to check the expiration date before purchasing a branded hummus.

How Long Hummus After Opening

How Long Hummus After Opening?

hummus in a fridgeLast for about 5-7 days.
How to know if hummus has become bad?The hummus will have a foul sour smell and this is how you will know that the hummus has gone bad.

The lifespan of homemade and branded hummus might vary but when it comes to taste then these both types of preferred. But, it is important that you check the expiration dates before purchasing branded hummus from a store.

Hummus could be left out for about 4 hours at room temperature. You need to finish the hummus as soon as possible because once it has been opened it has been exposed to the open air with a lot of bacteria and microbes.

The bacteria and microbes present in the air will settle in the hummus and may accelerate the spoilage of the hummus. The hummus will go bad if it has been left out at room temperature for a long time.

If you want to store the opened hummus for later use then it is best that you store it in a fridge as soon as possible spending minimum time unrefrigerated. Make sure that the hummus is not contaminated as it will multiply the spoilage chances.

Why Does It Take That Long After Opening Of Hummus To Spoil?

Hummus can get spoilt if it has not been stored properly because of the bacteria and microbes present in the open air. Therefore, you should know how to store these items if it is opened or it has not been opened.

People who want to make hummus at their home then they should consume or use it much faster than branded ones. The branded ones are made using certain conditions like controlled environments that make them last much longer.

If you do not want to make hummus at your home then it is completely fine to opt for a branded one. But, you need to check the expiration date before purchasing it. It would be completely useless and health-hazardous if the product has neared its expiration date and you have to consume it.

Ask the shopkeeper about the product and then once you are sure that the product is safe to be purchased then you can make the payment and leave. However, this does not mean that you will use the product ten days later after the product has been purchased.

Try to finish using the product as soon as possible and do not refrigerate it for too long. If there is a bad smell or the smell is somewhat sour then you should know that the hummus has been spoilt and there is nothing that can be done other than to toss it in the garbage bin.


You do not want to fall sick because of consuming expired products or damaged products because that would be very stupid of you. However, if you have experience handling these things with care then it is well and good because some people do not know when a hummus has gone bad and uses it.

Learn more about the product if you are purchasing it from the store because different brands might have different expiration dates. However, you should use the hummus as soon as within 4-5 days and try not to keep it open for more than a week in your refrigerator.


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