How Long Does Odwalla Lasts After Opening (And Why)?

How Long Does Odwalla Lasts After Opening (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Days

The habit of humans of eating delicious foods has never been out of order. Everyone wants to eat food that can make their taste buds happier. We all believe that good food is equal to a good mood and we are onto it for decades. We want to consume that sort of food which is tasty and healthy at the same time. For that, there are several food brands which makes this kind of healthy, nutritious and tasty food items and these food brands are very popular as well for their quality of products and have that sense of trust within their audiences and because of that trust bond only the companies or brands are growing day by day.

When it comes to eating everyone prefers sweet foods over salty or foods that are sour. The way sweet foods relaxes or soothes our taste buds, no other food ever can or will. Several brands do the production of juices, bars, candies, etc such as Odwalla. Odwalla is an American food-making company, which makes fruits juices, bars, and smoothies. It was is one of the most popular food production brands in the world. The brand is famously known for its quality and hygienic way of preparation of its products. But besides this, the most frequently asked question is that how long does Odwalla lasts after opening and why?

How Long Does Odwalla Lasts After Opening

How Long Does Odwalla Lasts After Opening?

ObjectiveTotal Days
When kept in room temperature3-4 hours
When kept in refrigerator6-7 days

Odwalla is an American company that manufactures varieties of food products such as fruit juices, bars, and smoothies. The company is very ancient as it has been established in 1980. It’s headquartered in Half Moon Bay, California. Odwalla prepares food products by organic methods, which makes the products way more popular and liked by others. There are a variety of products manufactured by the company including juices, smoothies, soy milk, organic beverages, and several types of energy bars commonly known as food bars.

The food manufacturing company is one of the most talked-about companies of that time because of its methods of preparing food products. The company faced many criticisms because it sells fruit juices, unpasteurized. After all, the company believes that pasteurization deteriorates the flavor of fruit juices and the company was not in a mood to do that. The Odwalla’s always aimed to provide their customers all the benefits of the fruit juices and other items with none of its flavor vanished.

The company experienced strong growth because of its methods of food preparation only after its incorporation in the year 1985, which lead the company to expand its distribution network from California to most of North America, and went public in 1993.


Till what time the food can be consumed or are good to consume depends on the fact that how and where it has been kept after the opening of the container. Once the container is opened and exposed to air then it needs to be consumed as early as you can. Also, there are certainly other factors on which the life of the food to be consumed depends. The factors such as room temperature and refrigerator temperature. In both cases the total time by which the food should be consumed depends.

Why Does It Takes That Long Odwalla Lasts After Opening?

The shelf life of food products depends upon factors such as the places where it has been kept, the number of chemicals and preservative which has been used during it’s the process of preparation.

When being compared to other food products or beverages manufacturing companies, the products which are manufactured by odwalla’s has a relatively short shelf life when it is compared to other beverages and thus there is a necessity for the products keeping in the refrigerator. The juices, smoothies, and all other products which it manufactured during that time were unpasteurized which the directors of the company founded healthy for the customer.

But, later on, because of unpasteurized products, there was the growth of bacteria in the products, and people who were consuming that got unwell. So, after a couple of years i.e in 1996 and a new plastic bottle in 2001 the company started manufacturing partly pasteurized also known as flash pasteurization products for the well-being of its audiences, and by this, the shelf life of the products has been considerably extended.


The product lasts up to 3-4 hours after opening when it is kept at room temperature, after that certain time it starts getting fermented due to the growth of bacterias into it. When the products are kept in a refrigerator then their shelf-life gets increased up to 6-7 days, after that certain period bacteria start growing into the products kept into the refrigerator even and hence the products start getting fermented. There are certain periods for each of the cases, if the products have not been consumed into the given time and criteria accordingly then it is of no use.


It has always been said that products like juices, smoothies, energy bars, etc should be kept in a refrigerator for longer use. Odwalla’s is a food manufacturing company that sells products such as fruit juices, energy bars, smoothies, soy milk, and many more products which possess high nutritional value and the products they produce are loved by the people. There is a certain time for every edible product and if it is consumed after that period then it might harm one’s stomach and body badly. Doctors always say that do not ever consume anything which has been expired because it is harmful to the human body and doing so can lead you to severe illness. There is always a certain period for everything and after the period passed the thing is left of no use.


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  1. I don’t agree with Odwalla’s decision to sell unpasteurized products, it poses health risks to consumers

  2. I’ve always been a fan of Odwalla’s products, but I’d be more cautious about consuming unpasteurized items

    1. It’s crucial for consumers to be aware of the type of products they are consuming, especially from well-known brands

    1. Understanding the risks and benefits of various food products is essential for informed consumer choices

  3. The expansion of Odwalla is truly impressive, but it’s concerning that the unpasteurized products affected consumers’ health

  4. Thanks for informing us about the shelf life of Odwalla, I will keep that in mind for future reference

  5. The necessity to keep Odwalla products in the refrigerator is important to ensure their freshness and safety

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