How Long Is 600 Seconds (And Why)?

How Long Is 600 Seconds (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 minutes 

Time had existed even long before humans did. Earlier, there was no system of days, hours, minutes, or seconds. The passage of time got calculated based on two things, day and night, and season.

Before humans evolved, there was no need to give names or tags to the passing time. It was when humans came into existence and grew more inventive, tags were allocated to different timeframes. As humans advanced in various fields, there was an urgent need to name the time that passed.

It was so that man could understand what was happening when and is taking how much time. 

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How Long Is 600 Seconds?

To know the productiveness of a thing, it gets measured in time. Everything in the world is interrelated with time. Everything happens as per time. Everything gets predicted as per time.

Time has become the foundation of the human future. All the activities that a human does these days are as per the time. Everything gets scheduled depending upon how much time is required and how much time can get allocated. 

Since it is such a necessary factor in human life, humans began working on a structure that could define the limitations of time. After a lot of research and many studies of how days and nights happen, humans invented the concept of time.

The concept of time starts with seconds, then moves on to minutes, then to hours, then days, and so on. The smallest unit to measure time in seconds. When seconds pile, it becomes minutes. To be precise, a minute is of 60 seconds.

Whereas 60 minutes equals an hour, twenty-four hours is a day. Likewise, seven days is a week, and 12 months form a year. Since a minute is of 60 seconds, then 600 seconds is equal to 10 minutes.

It is a universally accepted concept, and everything in the world happens as per this schedule only. That is the reason that a world without the study of time is unimaginable.

Measurement TypeCounts for
Minutes wise600 seconds are 10 minutes
Hours wise600 seconds are 1/6th of an hour

Why Is 600 Seconds That Long?

Time is eternal, it has been here, and it will always be here. To make things easier to track and establish a daily routine, the man came up with a way to measure time.

Essentially it got observed that it took a specific time for all the seasons to repeat, or to be more scientific, the time for the earth to revolve around the sun. Likewise, it also got noted that after some time, there was day, and then there was night. That is the earth’s rotation on its axis. 

Based on all these studies, time was then bifurcated into different segments depending upon the duration. For example – years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. 

Besides this, below are several reasons why 600 seconds are 10 minutes long:

  • As per the rules established concerning time, a minute is 60 seconds long, and hence, it means 600 seconds is equal to 10 minutes.
  • When converted into an hourly basis, an hour has 60 minutes. Since 600 seconds are 10 minutes, that means 600 seconds is equal to 1/6th of an hour.

It all goes down to the equation of 60 seconds is equal to a minute, and 60 minutes equal an hour. It got such a format to make things easier to keep track of. It also helps in scheduling things without any errors.


Humans are known to keep on inventing things that make life more simple every day. One such example of a great invention has been the bifurcation of time. It has been making man’s life a little less complicated for centuries.

The bifurcation of time not only helps in scheduling things or keeping track, but it also helps in making things earlier to remember. Time and its calculation have even made the human race more competitive. The aim is always to be better and to be faster at the same time. Also, it helps me know how the time system works.

Knowing how many seconds can be how many minutes can be helpful sometimes.


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