How Long Do You Have To Pay A Ticket (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 14 – 60 Days

A ticket can have various meanings. A ticket is a piece of paper or a card that gives the holder of that ticket a certain right. The right may be limited to enter or visit a certain place or to experience a certain service like being eligible to board a train or any other public transport, etc.

However, a ticket can also mean a warrant. A ticket can be issued to a person who has crossed the speeding threshold and thus, may be charged with a speeding ticket. In the case of online bookings, passengers are issued with a travel ticket that allows them to experience the transportation facilities for a specific charge.


How Long Do You Have To Pay A Ticket?

Duration to pay a speeding ticket60 days
Duration to pay a book now, pay later ticket14 days

As the ticket is a general term it can have varied implications and thus, the duration for fulfilling each one of them is bound to be different. Normally when a ticket is being issued to a person, one has to pay a specified charge for it. As tickets enable one to enjoy a service or permit one to be admissible to a certain place or premise, it commands a price for it.

For example, the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation, popularly known as IRCTC has introduced a feature in its ticket booking system which is known as “Book now, pay later”. In such services, one is allowed to book a ticket without actually paying anything at the time of booking the ticket.

However, even when using the “Book now, pay later” service, one has to eventually pay for the ticket, and the prescribed duration for making the payment of the ticket is 14 days from the date the ticket is booked. One needs to ensure that proper payment is paid before the deadline since, post the due date, interest might get accrued on the ticket amount one might have to pay more than the initial amount.

However, if one is served with a legal notice for some violation that one has committed, then that person might get ticketed. Generally, a person who drives over and above the driving limit is issued with a speeding ticket, also known as a traffic ticket. For such a ticket, an e-challan is generated which has to be paid within 60 days of generation of the ticket.

Why Do You Have So Long to Pay A Ticket?

Driving at a high speed and not following the traffic rules can make one liable to pay the speeding ticket. Thus, if one gets pulled for overspeeding and is being issued with a speeding ticket, understanding one’s responsibility as a citizen and paying the ticket within the prescribed time limit is essential.

It must also be noted that speeding tickets have to be mandatorily paid as it is been issued for violating traffic rules issued in the public interest, non-compliance of which has caused one to pay for it. Also if it is not paid as instructed, one might need to face additional consequences.

One needs to remember that is important to respond to the speeding ticket within 30 days and a maximum of 60 days to avoid attracting unwanted penalties and other charges. However, if one is not guilty, one can fight the speeding ticket and dispute it. Thus, one should not ignore a speeding ticket and pay it off as soon as possible.

However, just like the speeding ticket, there are other types of tickets as well which need to be paid within a specified duration. A ticket symbolizes an obligation of a person to pay and thus, should not be kept pending. It is the moral duty of every ticket holder to settle the ticket immediately or within the prescribed time limit for making payment.


Adhering to deadlines for making payment on tickets is a characteristic of a responsible citizen and thus should be complied with accordingly. Generally, tickets have a pre-determined duration for making the payment to which persons liable to pay must adhere. Crossing the deadlines for payment can invite unnecessary charges which can be avoided if payment is made on time.

Usually, payment for a ticket has to be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the ticket. However, in certain cases, the duration can be as long as 60 days to pay the ticket. Thus, it is always advisable to pay for tickets as soon as they are issued to avoid any trouble.



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