How Long Is A Click (And Why)?

How Long Is A Click (And Why)?

Exact Length: 1 Kilometer

The military jargon is used by the armed forces (U.S) to deliver and communicate the messages (or ideas) in between themselves. The service members find it finds convenient to use military jargon to communicate without making a lot of noise. Klick or click both works for the same meaning.

You must have heard about click with many other remains, but here the meaning of click is a kilometer. Click is mainly used by the military officials (soldiers) while sighting in any weapon. Click is very commonly used by the military force of U.S armed force that comes under the metric system. The term click is being used by the U.S armed forces since world war I held.

The soldier of the U.S armed forces used the word click to solve and read the maps during world war I.

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How Long Is A Click?

The Measure Standard Conversion
1 Click1 Kilometer
1 Click0.621371 Miles
Click1,000 Meters
Click3,280.84 Feet

Click is used for measuring the distances walked distances in the military missions. Klick has not turned to be used as the standard measuring term in the metric system. One click is equal to one kilometer in simple terms. the soldiers used the term click to inform the other military officials about their position by using the word click.

For example, if the soldier is in 10 kilometers towards the west, then he will say it to be 10 clicks towards the west. If the other soldier is 7 kilometers far from your position, then the soldier will inform 7 clicks east of your position. This code will help the soldiers to know where the other soldiers are present.

Using the word click makes the mission easier, as the person can calculate the distance by knowing your position in the code clicks. The soldiers use the word click several times while adjusting their weapons. In a military mission, one click means the target is 100 yards away, and the weapon will be adjusted in one inch.

The use of click in adjusting the weapon is very convenient to avoid the chaos created by long language codes. The word click is very useful for catching the distance and to adjust the weapon of a military soldier in very few minutes.

Why A Click Is This Long?

The word click is exactly one kilometer, as used in MGRS (Military Grid Reference System). You can covert the click in miles, kilometers, feet, and meters. The click came into the role during the world war. The term was first converted to solve the maps created by the french. The French maps were easily cracked by using the ord click.

The word click is very useful for getting the correct direction (position) and save time. After the world war, the U.S armed force is still using the word click to hold the communication between the soldier units. Click is used as the reference point by the soldiers. The word is very useful for the military force and works pretty well in navigating units.

The word klick has its origin in the word kilometer. The maps of the U.S military forces are based on latitude and longitude. A statute mile is the measuring way of these longitude and latitudes. The use of the word click is entirely based on the sighting in of the weapons (such as rifles).

The significance of the standard measure click is extremely important for the smooth functioning of the military units.


The metric system is used and trusted by the U.S armed forces. Click is the referral term used for navigation. The soldiers know how and when to use this word click. Many people get confused between the word klick and click, but these means the same. Both of these words are pronounced differently, but for the same purpose.

The word click is one of the most important terms under a metric system that the U.S armed force relies upon.


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