How Long Should A Blog Post Be (And Why)?

How Long Should A Blog Post Be (And Why)?

Exact Length: Up to 2,4000 words

The blog post’s length should be somewhere between 2,000 to 2,4000 words. According to the professional standard, the length of a blog should be up to 2,4000 words. If you consider the SEO requirement, then the blog should be about 2,4000 words long. The length of the blog is fixed, keeping the professional standard requirements in mind.

Different blogging pages may have different word length requirements for the blog post. You can’t expect all the blog posts to have the same length requirement for the blog post. Many writers write the blog according to the word requirement of the blog. Not all the blog require the same word limits, as it depends on the topics.

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How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

Blog Post Types How Long It Should Be
Pillar pages4,000 words
Listicles2,600 words
“How to” blog postsUp to 2,100 words
“What is” blog posts1,700 words

The blog post length depends on the site you are writing for. Every blog post has its own word limit and carries. You may find different word limits for different blog posts depending on the site, conditions, topics, and requirements. SEO is the biggest condition to be considered while writing your blog posts. The word requirement in SEO may differ for different pages.

The blog should be filled with accurate content and not unnecessary things. The length of the blog should be correct, as per requirement. The blog post should cover all the aspects needed to be written in the post. Many pages focus more on the content value and not on the quantity. The blog post gets more value when it is to be point and the statements make sense.

The blog post word limits may range from 300 to 5,500 words. The median standard word limit required for a standard blog post is about 2,164 words. There are blogs that need to be extremely small. You will find blog criteria that need to be extremely long. There are some topics that are searched by many viewers. There will be a range of blog post that faces traffic.

The length of the blog post depends on the viewer’s search as well. Sometimes, the word limit of the blog is set by the viewer’s requirement.

Why A Blog Post Should Be This Long?

The word requirement for any blog post depends on the requirement fixed by the SEO. Mainly, all the blog post’s word criteria are fixed by SEO. If a blog post focuses on your contact databases, then you should write a long blog post to make it more valuable. A blog post that is longer will encourage more value and viewers.

The blogs with long content are prized more, as compared to the smaller blogs. It’s not always the same for all blogs. Some people like smaller blogs with perfect points covered. There are people that find longer blogs more precise and to the point. Therefore, it depends on the viewer and the site posting the blog to decide how long a blog should be.

The more you will write to be the point, the chance of getting viewers increases. The SEO score is a great condition to be satisfied to reach the actual standard required by the specific page. The pages have their SEO score fixed, and you have to get your blogs above the score. Some pages don’t have an SEO system, and there you get the freedom to prove your points.

No matter how long or short you write, but the standard should be high. You can raise the standard of your post by adding value to the content and try to maintain the language standard of your blog post.


The length of the blog post depends on various conditions. The blog post theme, idea, and concept are some of the most vital conditions to be covered by the writer. The writer can experiment on the ideas to give the higher standard to be a blog post. the blog post can have any word limit starting from 300 to 5000 words.

The most popular and professional word limit for a blog post is around 2,400 words.


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