How Long Is a Generation (And Why)?

How Long Is a Generation (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20-30 Years

A generation is when a person is born and living at the same time. It is a period in which a child is born and grown-up, becomes adult and have their children and that is starting of next generation. It is the relationship between parent-child understanding, bonding, and point of view. It is knowns as biogenesis, reproduction, or procreation in biological science. The analysis of generation has started from the nineteenth century to understand the changing mindset with time.

It is the period when people with a delineated population experience the same significant events with a given period of time. The analysis helps the people to get awareness about the social responsibility changing with time to understand youth’s point of view for the society. The generation is the important fundamental social category of the society but it is overshadowed by other factors like caste, class, gender, and many more.

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How Long Is a Generation?

Several factors affect ts the length of the generation as stated. There are two types of generation one is the family generation and another one is the social generation. The family has several generations, it is all about the relationship between parents and their children. It means that you are in the same family as your cousins, siblings are from one generation, whereas your parents are one generation before you and this is continued. If you will be having kids then it will be the next generation.

Generation is called the years it takes to get a child born and to grow. It can be understood like your grandparents had their children means your parents, and it took around 20-30 years to grow up and have kids. This time frame is considered as a generation. There is a certain generation gap between you and your parents which changes a lot of things. The generation gap brings a change in their mindset, point of view towards their life, and adapting different social norms which are permanent.

Social generation is considered as a group of people who are born and experience the same events at the same time at that age. There are many more factors that have a huge effect on the generation like a war, recession, and technological change have a specific effect on a specific generation. Social interaction affects the social generation like their norms, responsibility, and mindset.

GenerationGeneration Length
Family Generation20-30 Years
Social Generation15-30 Years

Why Generation Is That Long?

The generation is that long because it is the time period when a person is born and grown. With changing generation, many things change like environment, lifestyle, point of view, and mindset for society. There is one word called generation gap which is used for many years and this means the gap between your time and your parents’ time. This generation gap brings several changes.


The generation gap is a serious problem between youth and their parents or grandparents. This gap is wide between parents and children and even more between grandparents. These gaps can lead to some serious conflicts like anger issues and adolescent problematic behavior. This problem is caused due to misunderstanding and communication between them and their parents, but with the passing time situation normalize as children get mature and understand their parents too.


The generation is meant to be important for taking a family or a society forward. With the change in the generation, many things change and these changes are for the progress of an individual or a community which is good.

The generation length increased from the 18th century due to many factors like greater industrialization, urbanization, delay in the first pregnancy, uncertainty in both income and relationship. The change in the generation length is due to social reasons too like globalization, automation, and particularly women’s educational attainment to change society. In the past few centuries, many developed and developing countries have changed their generation length.


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